Sage/Breville Dual Boiler Descale - differences in the volume of water drained at each stage?

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Disclaimer: this is a cross-post to ... age.70329/ - It's been up on that site for a few days now and has had no replies. Hopefully you guys can offer some advice.

Many thanks.

So ran the descale process this morning on my Sage DB.

Drained the boilers - hardly anything came out, but used the 1 cup button as per the instructions to help it along and managed to drain them, as far as I know!
Ran the descale, then drained the boilers. Again, didn't exactly gush out, but the 1 cup button helped
Ran 2 x flush cycles. Difference this times that when I drained the boilers, loads of water came out, really easy and was noticeablly hot and at higher pressure.

So in summary. First cycle through with the descale was pretty low pressure draining, but the 2 x flush cycles were higher pressure I'd say and definitely a higher temperature.

Should this difference in how easily and (maybe) the difference in volume of water drained and heat make me concerned? If I followed the process (which I did), are we all good now on the descale?

Thanks for any advice!