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Hi i just bought DeLonghi Dedica 685 and i love it :D At first use i immediately made espresso and didn't follow the instructions manual to rinse the internal circuit first. I pressed the double espresso button and it started making loud noise and nothing happened, there was no flow of coffee. Same at the second try, and then after third pressing of the button it started making espresso. Did i broke my machine by not rinsing it at first like in the manual, and why it started making espresso after third clicking of the button? Please answer i'm worried :(

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Anyone to give an opinion?

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The Dedica uses "pressurized" baskets. If your grind is too fine, you will choke the machine. This means that the water cannot break thru the resistance of the coffee and the small hole in the metal basket.. When you choke the machine, you will need to thoroughly clean the group.. You'll likely notice coffee up around the screen. You can take a small Phillips and remove the screen and clean. Not running water thru the machine has no effect on its use.. just not a good idea since packing oils will be present.

Grind coarser next time into the double basket. Make sure you don't use more than about 12-14g of coffee. If you are filling to the top of the Portafilter, then tamp and ensure there is a good 'head space' so that when the water hits and the coffee 'blooms' it will not hit the screen. Cleaning that is a pain.

What are you using for a grinder? Or are you buying pre-ground coffee? If you are buying pre-ground, it may be too fine for your pressurized baskets.

The dedica has 3 settings for temp.. if you find your espresso is not 'full' enough, go to the hottest setting.


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Kristijan wrote:Anyone to give an opinion?
What opinion do you want?
It took 3 tries to prime your machine's pump. It worked. It seems that you like the machine.
It's not a bad machine, I hope you continue to like it. The world is full of reviews of entry level espresso machines.

I'd use a Dedica if I didn't have access to other machines, It's absolutely fine. Don't sink a lot of money into it if it breaks after its warranty is done.

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For now, I buy pre-ground coffee and it's too fine something like turkish coffee. I will try maybe with another brand, but I do not have too much choice here

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JRising wrote:It took 3 tries to prime your machine's pump. It worked.
I do not understand much in espresso machines but I have heard of priming, so that 3 first tries were priming and nothing wrong with the machine right?


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That's right. The pump is weak when full of air, it works by moving a piece of metal in a pipe with an electro magnet, basically throwing whatever is in that pipe forward ahead of the moving metal. Imagine the difference between throwing a balloon full of air and a balloon full of water. Both will get thrown, but the heavier one full of water works a lot better. It takes a few tries to get a pump primed, full of water, strong.