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Hello dear coffee enthusiasts,

Now I'm the happy owner of a sage smart pro grinder (second hand), a DeLonghi Caffé Treviso (second hand) and a Bialetti 6 cup (new).
I was wondering what people with more experience in making coffee and espresso think of this set-up. I have decided that i would buy the cheapest espresso machine and a bialetti to get started with my grinder and keep some of my money to save for a new Gaggia Classic Pro in the future.

I'm also going for a darker roast because I think that will be more forgiving with the lower end machine.
When I'm going to make espresso I will post here what my experience is with the Delonghi.
Obviously I'm going to clean it, any tips or advice for that?
I will use a Brita water filter for the water in the machine.

Do you agree that a darker roast is more forgiving for someone who has no experience with making Espresso?
As a side question, how can I discover what coffee I like the most?

Thanks for reading, have a great day.

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When I started with espresso, I also had a delonghi. I eventually removed as much of the built in 'assists' in the machine. I cut the portafilter to make it bottomless and bought a non pressurized basket. Mine had a plastic portafilter spout so was easier to make bottomless. I also removed the milk steam frother helper tip so it just let out steam. You'll need to test the water temp. Mine on brew mode ran cold so I'd have to push the steam button to raise the temp of the machine before I brewed.
As for dark roast beans, you'll know you like it once you try it. Give it a bag or so to acclimate yourself to the flavors. The only way to discover what you like with espresso is to try different coffees/roast levels. At the beginning of my coffee journey I liked a hint of coffee with my cream and sugar. Now it's a little different.
And get a tamper. The built in one is useless. The diameter is too small and will not give a proper tamp.

RemcoNL (original poster)

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Hello there,

In your reply to my post about the treviso you said you replaced the tamp with another one.
What tamp would you suggest? I live in the Netherlands so hopefully it will be available there as well.

I really see that the original is causing trouble, there is a ring around my temped coffee. Right now I have a in of around 11,4g and an variable output ranging from 42g to 45g. In about 16,4 seconds.
Can I change the flow somehow? grind finer or put more in the basket? With the 11g the untampered coffee fills the basket entirely. The end result is a coffee with a super tiny inconsistent amount of crema, and the coffee bed is muddy when i ground fine enough for espresso. (sage smart pro grindsize 6)

With some luck I'll be able to upgrade to a gaggia classic with PID, but I'm not entirely sure I love making espresso enough to justify the extra investment. That is why i have this model, to check if I like the work that comes with espresso even if the product is not perfect.

I have bought a to me expensive Sage Smart Grinder Pro, I figured that regardless of the home espresso experience being my thing I could always make great pour over or bialetti coffee.

It's a lot to read so thanks for the attention, have a great day.

PS, I'll post this as a comment under my original post :?

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Well when I'm wrong I'm wrong. Just made coffee with 13,6g coffee in and 41g out, time 19s. Way better taste and crema.