Delonghi 370.95.t dialing settings

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So i finally bought an volumetric Delonghi 370.95.t.

At first i was very enthusiastic about . Although i knew it wouldnt be good coffee from the first cup . I tried some tweaking with grind level and also more water etc.

My water hardness level is very good (tested it with a kit).

The beans i currently use are dark roast from Starbucks. (Oh ow starbucks) :mrgreen:

I read that some dont advise dark roast beans for any full auto machine since they say its to oily and can jam the machine?

Anyway my question is does anyone with a similar machine know the right settings for an espresso lungo? I do like my coffee strong with caramel flavors but when i want to get a this type off coffee my crema is always to light , not the hazelnut color i read it needs to have. So i had the right settings before in term of taste but not in terms of the crema . I tweaked some more and now i'm far from good.

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Crema is basically beer foam but from coffee. It's color and thickness will depend on the roast and blend, as well as the freshness of the coffee and how it is extracted. Some consider crema untasty garbage. Tune for taste.

I'd never run oily beans through my own grinders. I can't comment on a bean-to-cup (superautomat) machine. I would guess the number of places for oily grinds to become lodged and stale is even larger on such a machine.

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It's a bit of complicate to dialing in if pulling good shot is what you are looking for. All super auto are pressurized system, I mean all of brands, you can't produce to the potential of all your beans.

First it requires dark roasted beans to begin with, doesn't have to be oily beans, but dark roasted, it is due to the thermoblck and that block doesn't locate at the top of your brew unit, instead it has been located at the bottom left side for Delonghi ECAM all type models, that long travel distance causes heat loss, therefore medium roasted beans are really hard to begin with if flavor note is your preference.

Second, that numbers on your grinder settings, forget about it, it is not an accurate reference, but that click sound that you dial it, that's 1 setting for ur grinder, and the only way to go more finer for your grinder is to dissemble ur grinder and make a little bit adjustment on your parts, but that would avoid your warranty, I bought used ECAM, so that's not a issue for me.

Before the actual brewing, don't do blank shots, you need that heat to build up to brew, and only steam wand ECAM models are able to do latte art.


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On superautos, there is not much room for experimenting besides coffee type and grind setting

At work, we have Saeco office superauto that costed 6K, but is pretty much the same as home superautos, except that it is 2 boiler machine with good steam and has relatively good 80mm flat grinder and slightly bigger brew unit than home machines, but it is still pressurized. No matter the grind setting, coffee is much thinner than on my cheap manual lever machines at 1/20 the price including the grinder. Lattes are acceptable, espressos not really good

For superauto machines, the best solution is to use coffee blends made specially for those machines, heavy on robusta and darker but not oily roast. Problem is that you usually won't find it in the supermarket - distributers for office superauto machines sell it, but you can find something similar I hope ...

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I can see the hazelnut crema with your picture. With me the taste is alright but the crema is more beige/white then hazelnut.

I attached some photo's . It seems slighty darker in picture then in real life.

I can change aroma strenght , water amount and coffee temperature , also the grind level (currently almost at its finest.)

I heard you should always go for the finest grind and hottest temperature ?

KristofR (original poster)

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I used Illy original beans and now its kind of better than the dark roast beans. The crema is hazelnut , the taste is fine for me altough i like my coffee strong and block so im curious what my friends and family will say maybe they will find it to strong.