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For the cost of an Alexia and a second cheap machine dedicated to frothing you could get an Anita, or maybe even a Vetrano, which can steam and pull shots at the same time. Why get two machines and add twice the clutter to your counter when you could get one?
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What about an inexpensive "espresso device" like this one on eBay and using only the steam wand: ... 0298095290

I think it is an electrified Vesubio. I used a stovetop version years ago on a boat - surprisingly sturdy. With the stovetop version the operator has to be the "feedback" on temperature control - I am not sure about the electrified version.

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Beezer, good quesiton - the Anita is one of 3 or 4 machines on my short list right now and if you PID an Alexia, there is almost no difference in price. It seems like one of the best bargains on the market. The Domobar, the double Domo, and the Izzo Duetto are the other 3 at the top of my list as each seems to offer something that you can't generally get for less money. If I decide to plumb in, the Vetrano jumps onto the list.

GB, with its small profile and clean lines, and low price that is exactly the kind of machine I could imagine taking a risk onused to try out as a dedicated steamer if I went the single boiler route (although despite my interest in this thread, I confess I'm leaning towards an HX or a double boiler).

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Yes, the auto frother from Quickmill seems like the solution I've been looking for.....I'll check it out. ... ilksteamer
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