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#1: Post by dsc106 »

Since shopping last year and landing upon an ECM Synchronika as my machine, I have to admit, the Decent Espresso machines are looking better and better. I have also been extremely impressed with the quality of my DE Accessories, and so my trust in the brand has grown. John strikes me as a kinder, happier Steve Jobs of Espresso.

Watching the latest on the XXl models with the new pourover function built in that Scott Rao called the best pour over of his life, and the extremely high steaming power, has me more interested. Also seeing their advancements with opening up the skinning of the UI.

I am not ready to go to a Decent machine yet, and I still feel "safer" with the simple, mechanical, German built ECM machine which should become a family heirloom, but I am definitely becoming interested in the possibility of a Decent machine, as I imagine in 5 years they will be even more impressive. A few things that would make me feel more comfortable would be seeing easy modular repairability and parts, some classic failsafe parts built in (traditional gauges), and machine interfacing with any android, iOS, mac, or windows devices as a control.

But I don't know if I'd want to get rid of my beloved ECM Synch! Does anyone own two espresso machines in their home? Is such a thing just ridiculous, or is there a feasible reason other than total madness to have an espresso bar with both an ECM Synch and a Decent Espresso machine side by side?

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#2: Post by pizzaman383 »

I have had two espresso machines at the same time for a decade. I have always had my daily driver plus another one. The second one is either one that I am tinkering with until it is ready to become my daily driver OR I have my old daily driver that has been supplanted by the new one.
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#3: Post by GDK »

"extremely high steaming power" - that is relative to the other DE1 models. Day to day use, it likely matches any of the higher end machines and for sure your Synchronika is no worse. Sure it may go for minutes producing that steam but all you need is 20 secs of good enough quality steam.

As for design, I have to admit am more into Italian/Spanish look (very personal - I am very biased towards their designs in general). Something like the Ascaso Baby T with most of the DE1 capabilities could be my thing, especially the white model :) ... byT-1.html (check the tabs for details)

Who knows how DE1 will look like in 3 to 5 years in terms of looks :)

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#4: Post by Auctor »

GDK wrote:As for design, I have to admit am more into Italian/Spanish look (very personal - I am very biased towards their designs in general). Something like the Ascaso Baby T with most of the DE1 capabilities could be my thing, especially the white model :) ... byT-1.html (check the tabs for details)
That is a beautiful machine. Not sure about that price tag given the feature set, but meh. Prior to my purchase of the Sync, I had no idea how much people are willing to spend for a couple ounces of coffee. :lol:
GDK wrote: Who knows how DE1 will look like in 3 to 5 years in terms of looks :)
This, in my mind, is the million dollar Q. I look at Decent right now and I see it as beta test. In the next few years, I see a few possibilities: 1) Decent eventually maxes out on features (they might already be there) and then spends their R&D on building out an elegant, pro-worthy physical and digital experience, including a much more attractive looking and sounding machine, coupled with an iOS-worthy user interface. 2) Decent gets purchased by a bigger player, and the guts of the espresso configurations are inserted into an existing chassis; 3) A bigger player copies Decent's features; 4) Something else that will surprise us all...

So OP, enjoy your Sync. It matches most of Decent's capabilities in a far more attractive package, and in 3-5 years upgrade to Decent (or another competitor) when functionality and aesthetics are combined to create a truly elegant, modern machine.

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#5: Post by Chert »

I think they should stop making their own espresso machines and instead make a module that can retrofit pretty old boxes that take an hour to get temperature and weigh 6 Decents.
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#6: Post by GDK »

I really hope DE1 continues the successful journey and also that some of its inventions will rub off onto other brands as well - better for everybody. I quite agree that with this statement: "John strikes me as a kinder, happier Steve Jobs of Espresso."

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#7: Post by sosha »

I've been following Decent since the KS launch, hoping to get in on the ground level of the new technology. The lightening fast warmup, small stature, and amazing abilities of the machine seem groundbreaking. But, the cost of the machine has been rising exponentially; most recently, the "entry level" machine is now $3200. At that price, there are many more established options, all with (probably, according to the laws of physics) a good deal more steam power than the DEXXXXL .

I DO wish them well, and I will continue to follow the progress of the machines.

And, in response to the OP, I think owning only 2 machines isn't a problem. Right now, I'm pretty well balanced at 5. :D
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#8: Post by yakster »

I've never been able to convince my Wife to let me keep more than one espresso machine + grinder + coffee maker on the kitchen counter but I have a small heard of espresso machines nonetheless.

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#9: Post by MNate »

The shell is just a shell. When is someone going to take one and just fit it into a shell of a big shiny thing? It certainly would have fit my huge Astoria I had prior!

The UI will improve, even if just by users creating skins. And they have tinkered with other shells, but I bet they keep it more modern looking and I'm not optimistic about that improving the look much. I think what improves its look is when it is countersunk and the tablet off somewhere else. There have been some who have done custom colors and that can make it look better too, imho.

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#10: Post by Randy G. »

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and most espresso machines have something to please the eye or general style sensibilities. I always liked the look of an E-61 group and probably spent 40 or 50 hours creating the anniversary poster. It's an appliance that makes a food product for human consumption. It could be difficult to turn down a machine that ticks all the right boxes for you and has a reputation for making good (if not excellent) espresso, then turn it down for its looks when there is no viable second choice for you. On the other hand, I just might switch to instant if I somehow was forced to choose the new Vibiemme. We all have our limits.
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