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Yes definitely planning to connect with him. Hoping to get a MAX as well when orders open, but with the high level of interest I suspect it will be very difficult.


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Iowa_Boy wrote:My hope is that it will also a manual flow control experience somewhat like a Slayer/Lelit as an option. If that is the case, then it will have been worth the wait for me to have both tablet and physical control.
That would be worth the wait, to me too.

Just to clarify a little, there is a difference between Slayer and Lelit. With Slayer, you get "two speeds", "high and low". With Lelit, and with those of us like Jake and the needle valved BDB crowd, we have not just two speeds, but continuously variable control from start to finish. If you will, it's like having those two speeds of Slayer, and as many speeds in between as you like... Infinitely variable. Hopefully, that degree of control is what the manual controlled DE will offer. Although even just the two speeds of a Slayer would still be nothing to sneeze at.

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Thanks for the clarification! That makes sense regarding difference between Slayer and Lelit. I have a BDB but have been hesitant to mod it since it's under warranty and I will be getting a Decent this year anyway. I like the idea of having both. BDB is great machine, and no reason not to have a little collection, right?