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+1 as well. With the DE-1, I've leaned and enjoyed this hobby more in the past 12 days than in the past 12 years.


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If anyone wants to sell their used Decent machine... I'd be more than happy to buy it :)


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Do these go for sale often on the private FB group?
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Not often. Almost no used machines have gone for sale, I only know of one and it was listed on the private Basecamp forum for DE owners.
What you may see on FB is discounted machines due to cosmetic issues. Those get sold quickly. Also, just last week, the 3 machines used at MICE were up for sale at the end of the conference with a pretty nice discount. I think you had to be present to "win" and those also sold immediately.

I do recommend you join the FB group, it's open to all


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My machine was purchased used. I would just put up an ISO post in the buy/sell. That's what I did and somebody got in touch about a month later.


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RyanP, how much did you manage to buy it for? de1+ or de1pro?


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I paid $2,100 shipped for DE1+ w/ skale. It was one of the early backer units and had only a handful of shots pulled on it.


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I find the DE1+ to be compelling, but I couldn't imagine purchasing one for a few years. My last machine was a Silvia and when I sold it, it was old enough to drive. My current machine is an Appartamento, purchased in no small part because it seemed easy to service and relatively simple. I expect this machine to last quite some time, too, in my hands or someone else's.

The features the DE1+ offers on a consumer level... don't really exist elsewhere. On its own, that's more than enough reason to be excited. While, like some others have hinted, I don't find it to be a terribly attractive machine, mainly because I expect my espresso machines to be E-61 heads swathed in stainless, an outdated thought on its own. My main concern is longevity, both of the unit and the brand itself. I'll continue eagerly watching these threads, as everything you can do with this machine seems outstanding, but the concept of spending $2,500 on a machine that may not last the distance is more than lightly concerning.

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The reliability concerns should at least, in part be mitigated by the fact that the founder has been incredibly transparent about process and practice. He's also been very transparent with reliability concerns and even shipping issues that have been rectified. Including the fact that there haven't been any visible and systemic reliability issues of the several hundred machines that are out in the wild. I'm not saying this is a mark of a machine built for longevity necessarily, but .... SO FAR SO GOOD.

My pet peeve is the iterative nature of the beast. So, even if I could afford one now, I wouldn't buy in just because I feel like they're still iterating enough that it seems very beta.
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Concerning reliability, I personally believe that by separating the tablet from the main machine, this becomes less of a concern. Several people already use their own Android tablet - you simply load the software on to the new tablet.

Also, on basecamp, we see all issues (John and team is incredibly transparent). There have been a few leaks (2 or 3) that I think were primarily caused by transportation damage. The Decent team has a robust testing regimen for each machine (they seem to understand the basics of system reliability - I am an Ops guy...). I don't know what defect rates are for mature machine brands, but reading on H-B I frequently hear about minor issues on new La Marzoccos and other high end machines. So I can't imagine much difference in new equipment reliability.

Concerning long term reliability of the espresso system (non-tablet), it seems to be fairly basic components that an end user can replace. I have only taken the cover off my machine once to replace the flow meter - John sent out a 98% accurate flowmeter to replace our 90% accurate unit. It was a quick replacement. The tubing inside the machine is color coded, however things are tight. I appreciate the tight package since I needed a smaller machine for my workspace, but this isn't a Bosco, which according to other threads on H-B is heirloom quality. Time will tell, but I am not terribly worried right now.