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Finally decided to pull the trigger and order the DE1+Pro ...

With the various blingy items added to my shopping basket lists the price @ $7061 CDN..... in USD their website shows the price is $4085....Current exchange rates are 1.27, which makes the machine more than $1000USD more expensive to ship and pay with Canadian dollars... contacted Decent and they say that this price difference is intentional.

What am I missing... for the price difference it's almost worthwhile for me to ship to the US and arrange to have a leggy barista pick it up, unbox and show me how to pull my first shot ;-)

Thank you.


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I asked them this question and they responded with this snippet (that's also on the website):
We comply with all local laws and rules where we sell. This can increase the cost of doing business in a country. Our prices are 15% higher in the EU, UK, Australia and Canada. In many countries we have opened our own local repair center. This is to avoid problems with customs, so that we do not need to send machines out of your country for repairs. Our prices are referenced to US dollar prices at the time a new model is introduced. Currency fluctuation may make a machine more or less expensive.
I suppose you could import it into the States but you'd be in trouble if ever you needed service.

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Yep, I got the same email when I wondered the same thing because I also get income from a US source. I figured they were just taking the US price and adjusting it according to "market" rates - like what Londinium does on their website - so I wanted to pay in US dollars and not deal with a market adjustment. That response tipped me off to the fact that the price is much different to just a simple market adjustment based on currency.

You can try paying in USD by using a cross border service. I use

It's not that I don't understand Decent's position, I just don't like having to pay a lot more for whatever their reason is considering that I see many other examples of companies simply offering a market adjusted price. The value to the end-user is really hard to realize considering our global economy now where we can easily import and export items without premiums outside of the currency adjustments.
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I would definitely avoid shipping it directly to Canada for that reason as that's a significant premium for the exact same machine! A cross border service is definitely worth checking out as an option.

callmeal (original poster)

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Agreed.. even if the machine were available for local purchase/service, I doubt that the premium would be warranted ... I think this is a oversight since the FX adjustment is really quite a blunt mechanism for recovering higher potential support costs ...

Thank-you for the link... I assumed that I would need to wait until the borders re-opened...


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arcus wrote:I would definitely avoid shipping it directly to Canada for that reason as that's a significant premium for the exact same machine! A cross border service is definitely worth checking out as an option.
Sorry. Reason for increase is explained in the previous post.

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/edit A conversation of this sort comes from the fact that it just feels like a premium because of where you live instead of something more valuable. I'm in Toronto, Montreal is not local to me and most Canadians. It would effectively feel identical to shipping it off to Hong Kong.
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#8: Post by ecuew » wrote:Local support makes sense. There's no evidence that there is local support though.
They do have a maintenance person in Ottawa (website says Montréal but in a conversation recently I was told Ottawa). I presume most people would want to do fixes themselves but for anything more involved it would be sent to Ottawa.


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Hmmm, just ordered and wasn't aware I was paying this premium for.... being in Canada? That does seem like a lot.

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Ya, I apologize, Eric. I was quick to say something that wasn't true.

Recognizing this premium did bother me enough to play a part in me cancelling my order.
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