Decent Espresso Machine Cleaning

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Can anyone point me to a location that describes how to clean a Decent machine without having to watch a 2 hour video?
The links on basecamp are dead.

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Add some Cafiza to a blind portafilter basket. Go to Settings -> Machine, and select Clean.

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#3: Post by Jeff »

Drop the screen and the lower brass, clean with your baskets and steam tip in Cafiza or similar on a schedule appropriate for your level of use. For me, that's weekly with a couple of shots a day. The first time loosening the screen screw may be a little hard. Use a good-quality, #2 Philips screwdriver. Removing the trays and flipping the machine on its head may make the first time easier. From then on, a stubby #2 is all I use, not even removing the drip tray. Scrub the group gasket. I'd recommend replacing the stock one with a Cafelat one sooner than later.

Cafiza in the basket basically only cleans the exhaust path. On the DE1, it is separate from the brew path. You don't have the same requirements as with a conventional machine with a three-way valve where the brew water and exhaust travel through the same passages. Occasionally "forward flushing" with Cafiza in a blind basket is just to keep the crud from eventually clogging the exhaust valve or tubing. You don't need a fancy profile. I just use the flush button on the group head controller.

Clean and Descale functions should be pretty rare if you're using clean, non-scaling water and purging your steam wand.