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#41: Post by Morseman »

I'm still learning (struggling?) after several months with my Decent. It's truly a marvel of a product. But if I could have just one improvement, it would be to provide a complete, easy-to-follow manual, even a PDF that I could print myself.

Maybe I'm just a different type of learner, but I find it maddening to try to find an answer to a question in the Basecamp or somewhere in the many many videos, and even if I find the answer, if I run into the same problem a couple of weeks later, I can't remember where I found the answer. Surely, surely, it would not be that difficult or costly to have, say, an intern comb through the abundant but disorganized documentation and produce a useful manual.
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#42: Post by ira »

You are not the only one who finds it maddening.

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Randy G.

#43: Post by Randy G. »

I have said the same thing here and on the Decent forum so many times that I feared being booted.
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#44: Post by Ypuh »

Fix the sound.
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#45: Post by GDK (original poster) »

Randy G. wrote:I have said the same thing here and on the Decent forum so many times that I feared being booted.
Yeah, that is hard to explain. Perhaps things are changing so fast with the Decent that manuals would be hard to maintain and version?

Most here do not mind digging a bit and asking on line to start using a coffee machine but this should certainly not be a prerequisite for a user. That also creates the impression that Decent is always in a beta testing state - something noted by reviewers.


#46: Post by mctrials23 »

Its unlikely that its the case. As part of your development workflow you should be updating relevant documentation. If that slows you down 10% then so be it.

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#47: Post by Chert »

Decent need not provide documentation for add-on programs like 'skins' or other niceties that others have contributed. So a solid documentation for the standard skin , all hardware components and even the weak link teclast tablet -limited to a bit of blue tooth and DE app troubleshooting - does seem reasonable.
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#48: Post by ira »

The Settings pages which is what really needs to be documented seems to be the same across the skins I've looked at. And certainly how to clean and maintain your machine needs to be documented as it's so different from other machines.


#49: Post by TallDan »

What boggles my mind is that they have a unique opportunity to provide the best help and documentation of any espresso machine available.

There's a tablet *right there*. It should be trivial to have a user guide app right on the tablet when it ships. Or integrate it into the de1app so that it's easily updated as features are added or changed.

Instead, the best we get are some YouTube videos with an annoying comedian getting in the way and recordings of zoom calls.
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#50: Post by ira »

And the worst, is pointing to long threads which contain the thoughts of many different users and employees all of whom have differing opinions, many of which are just wrong. It's the classic, we offer no help, just a forum and in this case, a forum with the worst format of any forum/BBS like thing I've ever seen.