Dalla Corte Studio Steam Wand Losing Pressure

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Hi everyone, new member here. Thanks for having me!

I purchased a new DC Studio machine about 6 months ago and noticed that when I try to froth a large sized milk pitcher (60cl) the steam wand loses pressure too quickly so the milk doesn't whirl properly by the end.

I tried descaling the machine in case there was limescale in the boiler that prevented it from maintaining its temperature (hence the pressure) while using it, but it drops temperature really fast once I start to steam. And also, it takes about 90 seconds to go back to the set temperature.

Can any DC Studio users confirm that this is normal? I've posted a video on YouTube to show you how long it takes for the boiler pressure to drop to almost zero and it takes about 25 secs for the boiler temperature to drop from 125 degrees C, to 110 degrees C.
I look forward to reading any comments!



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600mL is a LOT of milk for a home machine.

You could try a tip with two or smaller holes.

There might be something useful here: Dalla Corte Studio (a year later)

dcfan2021 (original poster)

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Thank you! Yes, 600ml is a lot. I don't really froth that much, but when I make enough milk for 2 large lattes (400ml?), that's when I notice the machine lagging.

Do you see anything weird from the video? Is it supposed to happen like that? To start off with that amount of steam and in practically 30 seconds lose its pressure?

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When I make latte, I use 120ml.
I steam each drink while pulling each shot. My DB steam boiler is 1l and keeps up pretty well with a custom* two hole tip.

* I filled the stock tip holes and had 25% smaller ones EDM'd. It makes the silkies foam.

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