Dalla Corte Studio error at start-up

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Hi everyone, new member here. Thank you for having me!

My Dalla Corte Studio which I've had for 3+ years started acting strange during start-up - the pump? makes a continuous sound, water temp does not increase. After a few minutes, the pump turns off, first lever light starts flashing along with this symbol on the screen.

Has anyone experienced something similar?

Unfortunatelly the manual is not helping much, they give a list of potential errors with error codes, but I only get the flashing symbol on the machine, no error code. I tried the "turning it off and on again", it did not help. It seems to me the pump tries to get water from the jug, but for some reason it doesn't manage to do so. There is enough water in the jug. The machine is not connected to water supply.

Thank you for any advice!