Dalla Corte Mina Flow Profiles

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Hi all,

First time poster here. I recently purchased a Dalla Corte Mina and absolutely love the machine. I have had success with manually pulling great shots. That being said, I still struggle to set up flow profiles that I am pleased with. After much googling, I realize there is not a lot of specifics out there on what profiles people are using and in conjunction with what dose and grind size. I was hoping that we could use the community here to share screenshots of any Mina flow profiles that have worked for us along with any relevant info that goes along with that profile. Thank you and happy sharing!


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Sounds like a great initiative. After playing a lot I found that a great starting point is the recommendation from dalla corte which can be found here
https://static.wholelattelove.com/PDFs/ ... w+rate.pdf

It saved quite a few batches of coffee for me, which I initially thought were horrible, but eventually enjoyed. My time window is between 27 sec and 34 sec.


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Friedhats.com Ethiopian "Kena" (light roast). 18grs in 30mm basket. -> 28mm
I start with:
12 sec DFR2
3 sec DFR7.5
Back to DFR2 again.
95 Celsius


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I too just purchased the Mina and it is being delivered this Tuesday. Looking at your flow profile just wanted to be sure that you meant to say a 30mm basket and if so what was the time on the last stage. Do you have other suggestions for beans and profiles.'




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Sorry, it is actually the 28mm basket. You can't adjust the time of the fifth stage. I stop the extraction when the weight of the extraction is right. I have set the dose to 90 ml, so the machine won't stop the extraction.


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Question for the Mina owners: Does your Mina give 2ml/s at DFR2, 3ml/s at DFR3, 4ml/s at DFR4 and so on? In other words: how accurate is your DFR?