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#11: Post by NelisB »

CTbarista wrote:Hi. I switched to the 58mm. It's a nice set-up and a bit easier to find compatible accessories. That said, it does not come with a bottomless PF. Has anyone found a high quality, bottomless PF that works with the 58mm?
Paul Pratt Cafelat makes Stainless steel ones. www.cafelatstore.com


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I am still comparing apples to oranges because my 54mm is bottomless and my 58 has a dual spout which at least visually covers my mistakes. In general, I am finding that the 58mm is more forgiving and consistent. At the same time, it is super frustrating not to have a bottomless PF to really understand what is going on. I do think that my 54mm output is impacted by more limited accessory choices (e.g. it's harder to find a leveler that fits tightly etc.).


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I have to say that this is not my experience. I find the 54 to be more forgiving.

Regarding taste, I am still on the fence. Mostly because of the ability to control flow gives me much bigger changes than changing from 54 to 58. Of course, you have to adjust the flow differently on each to get a similar taste profile. But I have a feeling that with enough play, things can be made very similar. At the moment with the coffee I am using which is a medium-light roast I am preferring the 54 mm in the sense that it was easier to find a tastier spot with it. But, I am rather confident that playing around with the flow I could do something similar in the 58.

Just to reiterate, I have a feeling that the flow (and temperature) control has a much more dramatic influence than the diameter. Therefore, I am not sure it was money well spent. Of course, in the first few weeks after getting the kit I thought 58 was better :)

I will be very interested to hear other people.


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NelisB wrote:Paul Pratt Cafelat makes Stainless steel ones. www.cafelatstore.com
Which one is compatible with Dalla Corte 58mm?


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It's interesting the difference between our experiences. I think I would have agreed with you when I initially switched to 58mm....I recently made decision to go back to 54mm and have really struggled to get dialed in. Some of this may be a function of coffee, and I am going to go back to my "regular" coffee to get recalibrated. I tend more towards mediums than lights, so that may be a factor as well.

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The reason it is tricky is you may find the sweet spot on 54mm peaking at a higher pressure. Grind and technique are just some of the variables at play. Perhaps you may even want to go as high as 11.5 bar peak 8)

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Peter_SVK wrote:Which one is compatible with Dalla Corte 58mm?
I am not sure. I thought a standard E61 would fit, but it doesn't. The ears are too wide and they are lower and thicker. I'll ask Paul.

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I emailed Paul. He doesn't have a portafilter for Dalla Corte. La Cimbali and Gaggia also use the 68mm rim, but not sure if the lugs will fit.
There are other brands that supply bottomless portafilters like Edesia and Joe Frex. But not sure if they will fit 58mm baskets.

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#19: Post by NelisB »

I think I'll cut the bottom out of the 58mm PF from the kit


#20: Post by Peter_SVK »

It's possible to do so quite easily on lathe I think (PF is made of brass), but handle should be removed first.