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#71: Post by Idfixe »

How do you see the mina machine after using it? I feel intimidated by all these controls...


#72: Post by RobindG »

I don't see that many controls, so that never intimidated me.

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#73: Post by Eagle1 »

Hi guys I am a new Mina user... I am overwhelmed! Just starting to get my feet wet!


#74: Post by RobindG »

Nice! Congrats! Keep us posted. What's your grinder?


#75: Post by Thermosiphon »

Just sold my Mina used to a lucky buyer. I lost my job in March and felt silly having both a Mina and perfectly good(ish) Elektra T1 around.

I will say that bar none, the Mina was the most reliable espresso machine I owned. It is also the easiest to open up and look inside, though I admit I never once actually had to open it. To be honest, I am not sure it makes better espresso than my Linea Mini did for 90% of the coffee I drink. But every once in a while, like with a really light roasted Gesha, it was nice to be able to do a Slayer style shot.

And as far as maintenance goes, I found it far easier to own than a La Marzocco.

For any new owners who might be confused, I recommend starting with a flat profile at 6g/s to 8g/s. If you want to pre-infuse, you can start with 2g/s x 5 seconds. That profile will give you something similar to whatever machine you're coming from. If you want to grind a lot finer, you have to modify whatever "preinfusion" step you use to deliver about 30mL of total water prior to increasing the flow rate...that'll let you grind super fine without choking.

After that, it's all experimentation.

I'll miss my Mina. If my financial situation improves, I'd probably buy a Dalla Corte Studio or the new interactive Linea Mini because beyond $4k or so I do not think you get much more machine for the money.