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Thermosiphon wrote:I have tried multiple... I am using a medium blend (Verve Sermon) and tried at continuous DFR10 for the whole shot; DFR10x8sec -> DFR6; and also DFR 2x4 sec -> DFR6. None of the three seems to give the body or mouthfeel I am used to, but the espresso is very balanced.
Are you making any progress?


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Yes... sticking with my 58mm kit and pump at 9bar as that's the process envelope I'm familiar with.

For blends im dosing 20g in the largest basket and going ristretto with 36g or so out (~1:1.8.)

It's giving me similar mouthfeel and body to my last machine, a LMLM, that I would get with 19g in and 42g out. I'm using the same grinder and nearly identical grind setting.

I'm extracting at a mostly flat 6g/sec profile in manual mode using the lever to ramp up after a few seconds of preinfusion. I should note my LMLM had a flow rate of about 6g/sec as I was using the 0.6mm gicleur.

Seems I got slightly better extraction for my usual blends with my LMLM somehow... doesn't seem like there should be any good reason for that, but short of a refractometer, the yield and the taste buds don't lie...

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#53: Post by NelisB »

What is your temperature?

Anyone else problems with body and mouthfeel on the Mina?


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I have found temperature makes a huge difference, and that 93C seems to be punchier and more syrupy for the above dose and yield than 90C (20g in, 36-38g out at 93C seems to be the best I've done so far) I am using Verve Sermon blend and my Niche Zero. It made fantastic, syrupy, tart double shots for my iced latte today, and I have no doubt as I learn the machine more I will find myself able to do everything I could with my LMLM and more...

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#55: Post by NelisB »

Great to read this!


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What do you use for WDT. I saw your comments on. A post that you knew a guy with a Duomo but you said you used something else. Any input would be helpful.



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Mina (or Studio) owners, has anybody also tried different shower screens, than originally supplied DC part no. B-MC-0039,

for instance IMS precision shower screen or DC one, part no. B-MC-0461?

I've tried IMS precision one

but the coffee pucks look better to me from DC original one

than from IMS precision one.

Note: First images of both DC and IMS coffee pucks are from today, the same coffee, 18g in h30 double basket, pre-infusion flow 2.0g/s for 26s, then full flow. Second images are older ones, when I tested showers first time and pretty well with same results. Tested on Studio with flow profilling upgrade.

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#58: Post by LObin » replying to Peter_SVK »

Wait what!? I could swear just a few days ago you didn't have flow profiling on your Studio??

I think you owe us an update sir :lol:
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#59: Post by Peter_SVK »

Hahaha, that's not correct, just wasn't noticeable from the pictures or older pictures were posted. :) First version was tested since June 2019, 2nd (final) version was roughly finished in December 2019, but I haven't found time to post it still working on some details. However, better times are comming and I'm going to fix it :) , few threads were already written as a logical starting point (Dalla Corte Studio (a year later), Dalla Corte Studio (small upgrades)), and I'm preparing text for the last one, just be patient and watch H-B forum next days, it would make no sense to post the threads in reversed order ... :wink:


#60: Post by Peter_SVK »

LObin wrote:Wait what!? I could swear just a few days ago you didn't have flow profiling on your Studio??
I think you owe us an update sir :lol:
Dalla Corte Studio (flow profilling)
... but back to the topic, have anybody tried another than original shower screen(s)?