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NelisB wrote:What is the profile you're using?
I have tried multiple... I am using a medium blend (Verve Sermon) and tried at continuous DFR10 for the whole shot; DFR10x8sec -> DFR6; and also DFR 2x4 sec -> DFR6. None of the three seems to give the body or mouthfeel I am used to, but the espresso is very balanced.

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It depends on a lot of things. What pressure does your shot stay at? If you grind too coarse, the puck will not offer too much resistance and you won't reach, let's say, 9 bar. A 5 bar shot tastes different than a 9 bar shot. The shot with "DFR 2x4 sec -> DFR6" will pour faster than "DFR10 for the whole shot". By faster I mean a faster flow rate (in the cup). A faster flow rate on the same grind, might mean a lower pressure, hence a different taste. Also what temperature do you pull the shots at?

The shots you are comparing them to, ar they pulled on a different machine but with the same grinder?
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One thing that I have learned during my year with the mina is that since the number of parameters (flow and temperature) is very large - it is easy to wander off. However, the more time passes the I can tune the profile and temperature based on the type of roast and coffee and get great results faster. I am also finding that I am leaning towards simpler profiles. Usually two types of flow (preinfusion and then constant) and no more than 3, say ending with a very slow DFR setting. Even here, say 4 sec at DFR 3 and then DFR 10, can taste horrible and 4 sec at DFR 3 and then DFR 6 can taste amazing. I guess all I want to say is that by playing around I have never been unable to find a place where I am happy with the results if the coffee I am using is good.

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But can you also change body and mouthfeel with choosing different profiles?


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Well, I would say yes. But, here, of course, the type of coffee and roast can make a much bigger difference.

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#46: Post by Denis »

Grind size and the agresivity of the profile makes the mouthfeel and the body. If you chase those when you want high solubility coffee/espresso roast, with coarse grind, overfilling the basket and doing crazy high flows. This will make a more efficient emulsion resulting more crema.

On the other side, if you are going to preinfuse 1 minute then pull the shot with the same coarse grind, you will get a watery blonde or no crema shot.

So, if you want, the size of the grinds, the length of the preinfusion, and the values of the flow give's you the body/mouthfeel you are looking for.

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Body and mouthfeel are not the same as crema, right? My crema tastes horrible.

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#48: Post by Denis »

Changing profiles is in direct relationship with grind size. At the end you verify it with a refractometer (higher TDS/EY better mouthfeel- richer) or you do it like in the Stone Age using the taste.

If you are keeping the same grind size, and adjusting the profiles for that size, and you obtain higher TDS in the same ratio then yes, the profiles gives you what you want.

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#49: Post by truemagellen »

If you switched to the 58mm setup on the Mina you will have a harder time getting that thick pudding like shot without over dosing like was just stated. You will probably still get a paint like shot with the right parameters though.

Im comparing a 58mm lever I had to a 55mm I have now. The Dalla is even smaller and easier to create these thick shots and require less careful shot prep.

Since you have all this control start thinking like a lever owner is a good way to start out. Tighter grind, lighter tamping. Then go from there.

Mina is the only pump machine on market I would consider right now if I had even 10k to spend. You guys made an awesome purchase.


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