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What a gem of a thread!
I just made myself a nice espresso and sat down to peruse HB; read the whole thread in one sitting and really enjoyed the reading about Sean's custom machine. Reminds me of the craftsmanship skills of some car guys I know.
Sean- hope you are well recovered from your accident and back to enjoying life.
Looking forward to more posts.

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The Borg lives!

Glad to see your back and doing well Sean. Looking forward to seeing the beast completed and working. And insofar as bodywork is concerned, I'd just leave it undressed, or at most a simple wire mesh cube. Maybe have different colored LEDs light as each system is activated.

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Incredible. I just read through the entirety of this thread in 1 sitting. I can honestly say that roughly half of the info being passed around on this thread went far over my ahead. It is still quite entertaining to see the thought process behind constructing such a thing. Amazing thread. Subscribed!