Curved or ripple tamper with puck screen?

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Does it make sense to put flat puck screen on top of a curve or ripple tamped puck?
Since the shower screen is flat anyway, maybe the flat puck screen wouldn't hurt?


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hi there.
I have been using the ripple base on my Normcore V4 tamper with a flat puckscreen on top
and have achieved good consistent pulls, so if you're concerned that the flat puckscreen
would be in conflict with a rippled tamp, you needn't worry.

However, in my experience, there's also no perceptible diff between tamping with the flat
or rippled base. It's just that, for some reason, the rippled base is like 0.1mm wider than
the flat base (both normcore) and fits my IMS basket more perfectly so that's why i use it.

Icoo0953 (original poster)

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Maybe it's the punch screen flatten the ripples and make it no difference? Anyway, thanks for sharing the experience!

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If anyone finds using a flat puck screen atop a curved or rippled coffee bed a worrisome conundrum, perhaps using filter paper instead of a metal screen would assuage such concern... :)


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Can't imagine it could possibly hurt, but it also come for ma place where I find it hard to believe curves and ripples would help.
Maybe an increase in initial contact surface, but I am not sure that would do anything.