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Hello espresso hive mind,

In a few weeks I'll be moving into a new home, along with my Profitec Pro 300. The new place has great counter space for my machine, but some above-countertop cabinets mean I only have just enough vertical clearance to fit the machine itself (w/ 1-2 inches to spare). This should be fine for the machine to function, but it makes refilling the water difficult. Plumbing the machine is not an option for the foreseeable future.

Does anyone have a solution they can recommend? I'm envisioning something like a set of low-profile "roller tracks" (?) that will allow me to slide the machine in and out to refill. Thanks!

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There's a sideways funnel that people use - here's a random listing from Etsy for a pic, but they're on AliExpress, etc. ... ick-access

That one is a 3d print, but I think that there are silicone versions?
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"Sliders" have worked for me with other gear. I'd avoid ones with felt on the bottom as it seems a problem if they got wet. The downside of sliders is the potential to scratch your countertop

Though different that I expected, searching "kitchen appliance slider" on Amazon US showed some interesting options. Check the weight on the machine as the couple "tray" options I looked at state 30# or less.


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EVERIE GL01-XL34 Extra Large Size Appliance Slider Tray with Brake Compatible with Single Serve Brewers, Coffee Makers, Stand Mixers, Blender, 13.4"W x 17.3''D

My father has that for his Silvia Pro. Works but is squeaky.

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Any big box store has plastic or teflon type slider pads to move sofas and other large appliances. I used them on our Alex Duetto III espresso machine and they made it easy to slide it around, especially when it can time for servicing.
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I found some of these that just fit around the feet of my VBM. You might find some that fit the legs of your profitec.
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I just recalled that just putting them on the back legs is usually sufficient. You can lift the front to slide out. The front legs being a bit sticky help keep the machine from sliding

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I use lids from Penzeys Spice jars under the feet of my Synchronika. The price was free, they match the machine, they fit perfectly and the machine slides easily.

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What great ideas!
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dannyboy2233 (original poster)

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These are all fantastic ideas! I think the funnel is a winner, assuming there's enough clearance and it's long enough for my machine. Thanks everyone! :D