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Ken Fox wrote:If that is true, I'd be surprised. Perhaps they have allowed their name to be used on it, but I can't believe that they would make something like that. Are you telling me it isn't made in China?
Well, THAT I can't guarantee, but here it is:

I'm guessing it's a bit more solid and sophisticated than the expectorator we saw on YouTube.


Ken Fox

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scottyg514 wrote:If it's ever up for the 2007 Best espresso machine orgasm, it has my vote.
the lady operating the machine or the machine itself?
What, me worry?

Alfred E. Neuman, 1955


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The La Cimbali M-1 is listed at roughly $12,000.
It is not for use in the home and does not compare with the unit shown in this video.

The La Cimbali M-1 is going to compete with the Franke systems sold in America by E.S.I and the Schaerer machines sold by Schaerer.
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