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My 2¢: I've done well with two commercial machines; an Astoria for 15 years or so and now a Linea for 1½ years. Both single groups both bought new. Sold the Astoria on EBay after the Linea was up and running for a somewhat disappointing $500. In all this time, with both machines, I have had one or two small troubles, easy to fix. I don't have much company so shot after shot is not important for me but solid reliability is. I have very good water here and ran the Astoria direct, put a filter system and regulator for the Linea, just to be double sure. Your choice depends on what factors are most important to you but the commercial machines cover all the bases so if you budget will stand it go for it.

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^^ Brand new Linea with PID? Killer choice man. What a machine!

La Marzocco has some killer machines, and the Strada is super cool.. But I just love love LOVE the Linea. In single group trim, its just the epitome of "Espresso Machine". And you can get them with paddles now, which makes it even cooler.

When the time is right, Ill own one.


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When I bought my Linea to get paddle groups you had to go two group or have it customized somewhere.