Coffee Sensor flow control gauge stuck

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Hey all,

Just bought a flow control device from a forum member, and after installing the pressure gauge needle keeps getting stuck.

So first shot is ok, it rises and falls normally, then second shot it will become sticky/grainy in its movement instead of smooth, then third shot it will just be stuck at a point on the dial (say, 3 bar) and not move during the shot or even once I put the lever all the way down to stop the shot.

If it take the gauge out, and give it a shake, it will go back to normal, but that made condensation get in the gauge. Then I reinstall and the same thing happens: first shot ok, second shot sticky, third shot stuck.

can anyone help me fix this?


#2: Post by Giampiero »

When the needle get stuck, try to gently squeeze (with 2 fingers) the case gauge in some point, there is a very small space between the case and the internal moving parts, and or during the dismantling or the second installation maybe the case has been kept too hard or maybe try to loose the case gauge rear screw to see if you can fix the whole gauge assembly in a proper position.

jb-0101 (original poster)

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Legend thank you that seems to be resolving the issue. I got very sad when it was sticking like that so you made my day :). Thank you!!


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Glad it works :wink: