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Nick wrote:I prefer the New York Times myself.
A use for the NYT! If this catches on I may have to stop shorting it.

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Use one of those microfiber cloths with some water...gets spots off stainless very well.

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I maintain my stainless by applying mineral oil from time to time, and keeping it polished by lightly going over it with microfiber. I apply a very thin coat of mineral oil with microfiber, and then polish with a clean microfiber.

For streaking, I find Goo-Gone Gel works extraordinarily--apply, lightly rub of streaking or stains, and I go over it again with a damp microfiber (water only) to clean off the gel (though it's fine to leave it on since it's essentially just another oil).

Like many others at this site, I extoll the virtues of microfiber cloths. They are particularly good for wiping down the grouphead. When dry or even damp, they insulate well enough that you can run your finger clothed in nothing more than a single layer of microfiber around a fully heated E61, all around the inside of the grouphead, around the screen and gasket.

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Nick wrote:The little bit of ink/dust reduces streaking big-time. You have to wash your hands afterwards, but it's a small price to pay. I prefer the New York Times myself.
Wow - another good use :lol: I thought it was just good for getting the kindling lit in my woodstove.

I've just used a 'slightly' damp flour sack rag to clean my SS machine. You can get them at Walmart - they make great drying rags. If it's too wet, it streaks, but if it's just barely humid, then it cleans up nice 'n purdy. Just move quick... if you pause too long, it's going to burn you! Yeah, I'm not patient enough to wait for the machine to cool down. If I'm at home, then I want the machine good 'n ready for duty. I like the vodka idea though - for the stuff in the cheap plastic bottles, it's probably cheaper than 'official' cleaners.


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I've never found dirt, but rather water stains (streaks), to be the big enemy. I have a spray bottle of distilled or RO water handy. Not as cool as vodka, but less tempting too.
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Very lightly dampened micro fiber cloth cleans it all. No solvents, acids, etc... just a micro fiber towel with a very light splash of water. It cleans off espresso splashes, old grounds, water spots, and does not harm any finish.
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I just cut a microfibre cloth in half (it was getting a bit unruly) and ended up with lil bits of bright fluorescent green microfibres all over everything. Will this thing just unravel if I don't selvage the edges, or will it eventually decide that it's going to stop leaving spoor all over my nice clean SS?
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I have used this product for many, many years ... Cleaner/42

I am not sure whether you can get it in the USA though?

It's a mousse, I use a golfball size spray on a damp cloth to do each half of the machine, rub gently, damp cloth to wipe it off, then dry with tea towel,buff with microfibre cloth. It contains silicon oil (a recognised surface treatment for stainless), is very slightly abrasive, you wouldn't think it was abrasive, but it is (a lot less abrasive than jewellers rouge). Its fine for brushed or mirror finish stainless. I have hard water and it removes water spots, marks (all sorts of crud). A can will last a year or two.

I have tried all sorts of products, but nothing comes close to this.

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Grant wrote:Google is your friend.....

I use vinegar myself......I avoid chemicals in my house where possible....Some warm soapy water first to remove oils may help as well.


Edit: I just re-read your note and you mentioned Windex....I have noticed a few sites say it is OK to use products with ammonia...and others say to NOT use ammonia. You may want to use Windex with care....

There is a Commercial Stainless Steel Cleaner from 3M. You can buy it in any restaurant supplier store. Simple and the best.

Regards from Mexico,


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hi everyone.

i was noticing the same issue on my SS behind the PF area. i use a microfiber cloth soaked with water from the hot water tap. but i still get the scratches.

a possible fix?
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the stuff was first used//invented to protect the leading edges of helicopter blades. what kind of abuse does a helicopter blade take? when you put it on an ipod it is protected but you cant tell by looking at it. also the scratches fill in and disappear as well.

this is a local company. they will cut out any shape i can draw on the puter. i was going to draw one up for my pulser and get it cut. seems like it could be a good idea.

and it peels off fairly easy and leaves behind no sticky booger residue!

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