Cleaning IMS Matrix shower screen

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Hi everyone
I have this fantastic shower, but when the time passes it gets dirty. So how to clean it in depth?
Pulycuff and descaling are done, but how to get into that micro holes? I tried to blow with my mouth (sorry, I had no better ideas) sticked to the shower into the various parts and the airflow differed. And I can see that when looking at the shower during flushing. Only part of it buzzes with the water. Maybe while pulling a shot the pressure is higher enough, so the water flows also through the other part.... hmm. The coffee puck looks like well and even penetrated with water even when I crush it with my fingers.
Do you have any thoughts?
PS. sorry for my English.

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Try using your steam wand instead of your mouth.

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Are you removing the Matrix from the machine and soaking the screen in a hot Puly Caff solution?
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luke_climber (original poster)

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My mouth helped me check the air flow only.

I'll try to clean the shower with steam wand.
I was soaking the matrix in the warm Puly Caff, but not hot. I'll try the boiling water.

The general problem is that the pressure is required to go through the shower. While using it, it is an advantage, but in cleaning it is problematic as you can't easely go through with the cleaning solution.

I'm afraid those tries will not help, but maybe the water flow gets even in higher pressures that take place while brewing.

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I just wasn't sure if you were back flushing with Puly Caff or removing the screen to clean separately. I use Cafiza but I don't think the cleaner would make a difference.

Every few weeks I leave the shower screens and portafilter baskets to soak in detergent solution overnight. (Do not soak brass parts like portafilters or dispersion blocks for that long.)

Every few months I also clean the screens and baskets in detergent solution in an ultrasonic cleaning machine like the ones sold to clean jewelry and dental appliances. The machine's ultrasonic part is on for eight minutes and I start another cycle every hour or so during the evening. I leave everything soaking in solution overnight and then rinse in the morning with just water and a couple cycles.
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