Cleaning Bezzera BZ13

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Hello all.Just wanted to run by you something.
Last year i got Bezzera Bz 13 from Wholelattelove.I contacted them about internal parts cleaning, or rather descaling ,as there was nothing in original instruction. They told me that they don't recommend using any product ,and i need cleaning ,to send it to them. Seems kind of illogical, because before this machine i had old Saeco Aroma ,i had it for 10 years and was cleaning and descaling it on regular basis ,that's probably why it lasted so long.
What do you guys do with your mid range machines?

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I Back flush with water every time I shut it off. I backflush with detergent about 3 times a year.

I try to never descale. When I think it could have a calcium issue, I look at the usual suspects, gicleur, gauge pipette, check valve or whatever the clues lead to and dismantle the part that needs descaling, soak the parts that can't be brushed free of calcium, etc.

Because the heat exchange circuit of my old rocket and ECM machines have so many parts that are inaccessible and such a pain to re-assemble when disassembled, I will from time to time check the condition of the mushroom to get a general idea of what the rest of the circuit must look like. If it is beginning to develop a layer of calcium I will put a small amount (maybe a teaspoon) of descaler in the head (where the mushroom was). When the boiler is hot, the water in the heat exchanger will continue to thermosiphon. Just top it up to barely below the upper port and watch it burble through the machine, it will mix on its own (so long as you see the thermosiphoning happening), so you don't have to worry about that first un-mixed spoonful of descaler being too strong. If it is showing a reaction, getting very cloudy and turning colours other than the nice aquamarine of clean copper, then the descaler is actually doing something in there and you may want to let it react for a while (30+ minutes? And maybe repeat to see if it gets better). If it's still clean in two minutes, go ahead and flush the circuit clean.

The boiler-fill probe can be removed and examined to get an idea of the inside of a steam boiler, much like the mushroom gave you a hint about the inside of the heat exchanger.