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Vaseline is good for getting stuff out, but it's not something I'd mix in coffee.

Make sure the gasket is level, press evenly and gently all around and it usually goes in far enough to persuade with the PF.


#12: Post by Nik »

Vaseline is petroleum jelly. Not only is it tasteless it is going to dissolve when the hot water and hot temperature of the head hits it. May be one of the safest lubricants around. It's been used in medicine for many years.

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iginfect (original poster)

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Vaseline is not used internally, only topically(on the skin). Petroleum products dissolve fat soluble vitamins ADEK and cause deficiencies. Mineral oil is no longer used as a laxative.
I have a small water leak when brewing, drops of water coming through. I think the gasket was not one made for my machine, will be leaving in a hour till Friday, stopping at Chris and getting a new gasket.



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The amount of vaseline used to lubricate the gasket is so small that I doubt it could be weighed by the most technical scale. Internally or topically it would still be absorbed. My profession is pharmacy and I have no problems using the vaseline as a lubricant. However Chris does sell a lubricant that you might find useful and is used in the food trade. The bottom line is that a lubricant makes the gasket insertion easier. It was one of Chris's service people that suggested it.

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#15: Post by HB »

Next time you need parts, ask Stefano to toss in a packet of Dow Corning 111 for your espresso equipment lubrication needs. A tube only costs a few bucks, will last years, and it's high-temperature / food safe.
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#16: Post by Nik »

Thanks Dan......good tip. I will order some to have on hand.


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#17: Post by CRCasey »

I have mentioned this before but any Granger supply will have this on the shelf for cheep and will save you the shipping if they have a depot or store nearby.

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Had repairs done at Chris, picked up my Vetrano today and one of the many problems was the too thick head gasket that they sold me. They replaced it free of charge.