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I think it's probably working.
I wouldn't pay to have a Breville repaired by Breville.

Adjust your "freestanding grinder" to the point where it can choke the machine, if your blind disk has a hole in it, use fine coffee to choke the flow. Brew against that to see what pressure your pump is able to continue to produce flow against. Set your volume higher if the machine stops brewing too soon for you to have decent results. If your pump stalls while the gauge is below the brewing range, then decide that there may be something wrong with the machine, most likely a weak pump. But if the machine is able to pump against a decent backpressure in the brewing range, don't accuse the machine of having something wrong with it.

Once you've proven the machine is fine with producing flow at the gauge's "brewing range", adjust your machine's own grinder's burrs so that its adjustable range contains the settings you need to get decent flow at the gauge's brewing range.

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All the above, and don't discount the age of the coffee.


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Thanks for the feedback, have used a fine grind from the freestanding grinder to choke the the machine. pressure went to 2bar and a couple drips from the filter. Today the cleaning light came on so I tried to initiate the cleaning cycle. With the disk and single filter, I powered the machine up holding the double/single buttons which did not initiate the cycle however when I hit the double shot, this choked the machine and I got 5 bar pressure with no drips from the filter. Strange as the cleaning cycle worked recently.


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Hello folks.

I am having the same issue with the zero brew pressure even when i inserted the rubber cleaning disk and pull a test shot without grounds. A few days before the machine lost all brew pressure, it kept hoovering on the pre-infused pressure range but as I just changed coffee grounds, I thought it might be due to the grinder setting.

What possible ways could I self-fix this issue or if I do have to get Breville to repair it, does anyone have an idea the cost of changing the parts or anything?

Thanks in advance! :)


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I started having that same issue and had to adjust the factory burr grinder setting. This video showed me how. After adjusting it to a finer setting, pressure was great!


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Having the a similar issues as those mentioned in the thread.

Using Lavazza Rossa beans, identical shipment as the one a friend is using (we order a case of beans and split). He also has the BES870XL. I'm running the side grinder as Fine, with the hopper grinder set to 3 currently. Compared "specs?" with my buddy and he is running with his side grinder all the way to Fine, default hopper grinder (6/7? he didn't touch it at all). Pulling 0 pressure (gauge doesn't even wiggle) with any scenario I've tried. Multiple grind settings, pressurized gasket, gasket with rubber and nothing. Water is flowing pretty well, get a good pull of espresso with doing it blindly, but again I'd like the gauge to reaffirm that I'm actually at a good pressure reading, but can't get it to wiggle. I believe the gauge may be done for at this point, after about 3 years of use. I reached out to Breville and they're asking about $250 + taxes to send it in and repair it, but has anyone else had luck either somehow reviving their gauge or finding an aftermarket gauge to use (or if Breville will just send me the gauge).

I took the top of the machine apart and looked for kinks but nothing. The gauge must've died recently (probably around the holidays), but thought it was my pull method.


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I made the jump to the espresso world recently. Found a breville machine in the garbage with a burnt out pump and fixed her up with a new one.

I was getting no pressure reading with the gauge and decided to take the gauge upto an air compressor with no reading showing for 120 psi. Got my vacuume line to suck and my air compressor to blow multiple time and the gauge started working. Soaked it in a ultra sonic bath with car for good measure. I slaped the gauge back in and calculated full pressure to be on the upwards of 200 psi in a little cup. Shoved in 16g of ground coffee, tempered that sucker in to inly produce little pressure.

I ended up taking 17-18g and tampered and compressed to only find out it made optimal pressure on the lower end. Which is a good start. I did notice different beans will act differently also. Oils and what not

Grinder is a Brauns kg7070 on setting 1 for finest.


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It's a little portafilter with little baskets, you might not be able to dose more coffee into it so your option would be to see if you can calibrate your grinder finer or replace it with a good espresso grinder.