Can I adjust the expansion valve of Rocket Appartamento to limit brew pressure at 9-10 bar? - Page 2

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Hey Dave,

Machine is 1 year old. I disassembled the OPV and found the o-ring is in good shape, so probably just a lubrication topic. I added some silicone grease on the o-ring and put some teflon tape on the thread for good measure, even though it should not be needed. I can see no functional difference in having the seal happen at the o-ring level or thread level.

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Lubrication only affects adjustment, not operation.

It's possible that reducing the pressure that much backed the o-ring into the threads or the o-ring was damaged on reassembly.

Teflon tape seal is fine.

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DaveC wrote:You can indeed adjust the expansion valve of the Rocket to 9 or 10 bar. Don't try to go too much lower than 8 though.
Whys that Dave?


#14: Post by DaveC » replying to Howardsmith »

Most of the valves due to the length of spring and the tension on them can run out of thread/leak, depending on the design....some will let you go to 6 or 7 bar, others won't.