Can the feet on small Lelit espresso machines be removed to reduce its height

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Postby timblaktu » Sep 13, 2018, 10:30 pm

Ahoy there. I'm looking at buying one of the smaller Lelit espresso machines, the ones in the VIP and 50s line (specifically, the Grace, Victoria, and Glenda), but I think they won't fit in my space unless I can reduce the height in some way. It looks like it has some substantial feet that might be adjustable/removable and I'm wondering if anyone can speak to their adjustability/removability from experience.

If I can't make it fit, the Anna, their lowest offering in performance, cost and height, would work space wise, but I'd prefer to get one of their models with a pid if possible. Let me know if you have recommendations for the best under-15-inches-tall espresso machines which would have the highest rated multi-cappuccino-making prowess. I'm coming from Lever Land (Pavoni), seeking a more turnkey and less time consuming home cappuccino making system.

Good day.

P.s. I left a msg with 1st line, which seem to be the biggest reseller of Lelit machines ive seen in the states, but have no response yet.


Postby alexeyga » Sep 14, 2018, 8:35 am

Why don't you consider something like Quick Mill's Silvano? It it's only 16" in height (should be less than 15" with top rails removed), got a PID and a water reservoir on its side - so you won't have to haul it in and out to refill. Technically it's double-boiler machine, even if the steam boiler is a thermoblock. I had a very similar machine (arguably also made by QM, just marketed under another brand's name) and what was coming out - was very respectable.


Back to your original question though - I don't think that you'd gain much height with feet removal on Lelit machines as they are pretty low-profile to begin with - especially when compared to other brands like Izzo which come with freaking columns for legs.