Can anyone identify this electric "espresso" maker?

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I just acquired this electric "espresso" maker for my collection, but I have no idea who made it. It's 11.5" tall and the only markings are on the bottom: "MADE IN ITALY V110/120 8." I did a reverse image search and the only result was the photo from the site where I bought it. Does anyone recognize it?

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Welcome to HB Steve

I don't know. It's in great shape and does look like a well made piece of equipment though - with 'flair'!

Is the port on the right side of the base, under the handle, for an electrical line cord? Is there an over pressure valve, perhaps at the top left, under the steam wand?
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Thanks, Steve, for the greeting. Yes, I'm new and this is my first post.

You're correct, the cord plugs in under the handle. It's a typical two-post plug. The pressure relief valve is under the wand which is where the coffee is emitted, not steam. It is very well made, so it's not just a novelty item. I can't imagine why the maker's name is nowhere to be found.

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There's an ebay listing for a 1930s-1940s Bialetti that looks very similar to yours. Not exactly the same but worth a look, perhaps yours is a slightly newer model of the same

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Yep it's a beautiful machine,,,,,
jokes apart,
no I personally have no idea,
silly to mentioned but apart from sticker tag etc. etc looks for any stamped in metal directly which was possible back in the days
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This may help you track down what type ... ugs_to_me/

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David, thanks! Other than the type of plug, that's it exactly. An Alexandria.

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Cool looking machine. Can you post some photos showing the internals so we can see how it makes coffee?

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It's essentially an over-sized electric moka pot.