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renatoa wrote:Stepping on Aeropress :)

Kidding, with a wood lever, 1.3 ratio, there are pictures/videos on the internet.
Did a small trick on the cylinder, to optimize it for this task, a small 4 mm hole just above the level of the 60 ml water and 20 grams coffee.
This is some mm above 1 mark.
This way I can pour the water very precise, any excess drops outside, then insert the piston to water level without any air between, so true compression, no elastic compression as in original Aeropress.
Also this trick reduced very much the piston stroke, to about 3 cm, thus only 10 cm stroke at the handle of lever, similar to Pavoni.
Yes, I've seen some Aeropress solutions with levers.
So you don't get a crema ? So far, I made several espressos with relatively low pressure (3-4 bar) with both Flair and previously my hand made espresso device and they were still resembling espresso, just less crema (say 1/2 or 1/3) and less body, so somewhere between espresso and drip. Could be because paper is filtering the crema
Good idea about drilling holes - Flair is using similar approach - top of the cylinder is slightly wider than the piston


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vit wrote:Could be because paper is filtering the crema

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Thanks for all the answers I got to my question earlier. I managed to get on my trip before reading them, so I just grabbed my AP+Prismo+Aergrind with me.

While I was pretty satisfied with the coffee we had, it obviously isn't espresso. Someone said earlier that it resembles the coffee made with Caravel, but not with me (I've got a Caravel as well). I do use very fine grind, but I still wouldn't call it espresso. Maybe I could tweak the grind a little bit finer, but that'll have to wait until the next time. At home I have two espresso machines to choose from, so the need for another espresso gadget isn't for home use.

Maybe on the next trip I'll go with the Kompresso. I does seem like a good solution for espresso while hiking.


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I bought the kompresso on the original kickstarter campaign last year (2 devices for $35, I think) so that I could give one to my son in law as a present. I think I played with it once when it came and put it in a drawer and forgot all about it. Recently I've had a renewed interest in making my own coffee at work (office coffee! blech). I've had a few chances to use an Areopress at a relative's house and I've started bringing my own beans and my Lido E when I visit them. But I agree with comments here that the Aeropress is like a strong cup of drip. So, I've been looking at portable devices again on this forum and have been considering a Robot or something similar. Today I found my Kompresso in a drawer and found the review here on the forum. I've only tried a couple of shots and not got anything close to the pictures of crema posted here, but the second shot was drinkable as an americano. I've been tightening the grind so that it is quite hard to squeeze. Based upon comments here, I'm guess that this is the direction to keep going with the grinds (finer) to get some crema. I've been using 12grams, but could also updose it a bit. Perhaps others are still using the device and have learned some tricks, or could better explain their preparation.