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Lorenzotti Italy

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No but Italy. I know 2 coffee machine producer.

Lorenzotti Italy

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I can get you a a 0.8l boiler.

I'm also waiting for an answer from the other manufacturer.


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Hey Lorenzotti, that sounds interesting, I was over a few coffee repair shops on the weekend I could not find a suitable boiler. But I still have to visit some other shops. There are not that many in China :).

That 0.8L boiler sounds interesting, how much are they asking? :) and shipping to china?

I want to build a single boiler machine for the moment, later on I will add a steam boiler (or just buy the milk steaming machine).

Anyways, since the original topic was the E61, I wanted to ask you guys the following.

The thermosyphoning circuit in a single boiler espresso machine using the E61, would basically remain always at brew pressure right? and therefore the boiler as well. Except the pump which will sit behind a check valve. (which will be at 9 bar anyways unless the pressure is purged).

And for brewing, what will happen is that when pulling the lever up of the E61, the pressure of the boiler will go down which will activate the pump to pump cold water at 9 bar.

Is this more or less correct?

I am a newbie, I dont feel so comfortable having 92C water at 9bar constantly on a homemade machine :) hehehe. I need to ask if this is how its done because maybe I got it all wrong.


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It is better to search an old ring boiler group machine and you start from there.

There are machines with 0.4-0.6 L brew boilers to start with. They are cheaper than buying separate group+boiler.
More than that you need to fit the boiler on the group. This is not so easy.

If you don't use a lot of water/make 6-8 coffee/day I would not suggest getting a 0.8-1 liter brew boiler, to much reheated water each day.


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Hi Denis,

I have to agree on the 1L boiler, I will make 2 or 4 espressos daily, but I am having a lot trouble finding a low capacity boiler (a used one that is) I found plenty of 10-8 Liter used boilers however, but those are definitely overkill.

I have seen the brew boilers you mention, but somehow I wanted the espresso machine to have a "cool look" and wanted something more flashy like the E61 head. I understand it can get more complicated, I have to say that I have plenty of experience in Industrial machine automation, so creating a control circuit, installing PID controllers, pressure sensors, etc its my daily bread.

What is definitely not my daily bread is the hydraulics of a coffee machine, which I have learned a lot recently. Thats why my question of the E61 siphoning circuit.

Lorenzotti Italy

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Hi Louis,

I reached out the the place in Italy and waiting for an answer..

I let you know as soon as I get an answer.

Other option would be to use a boiler from an old machine ( I have an Enrico of Italy which I will start parting out because I have 2 of them)

I still have to test which is Heder condition and if both boiler and heat elements are working properly.


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Hi Robert,

Thanks you very much for your help. I have found two 700 ml stainless steel tanks for around 120 Euro (for both) with heater included. They are the tanks for a Nuova Simonelli Microbar. A coffee repair shop had ordered them by mistake and I took them, So I am all good with the tanks now.

I am waiting for the PID controler now, and then I will be able to begin some preliminary testing on the heating controls.

BTW I figured out that on the E61 Machines there is hidden micro switch attached to the coffee machine which turns the pump on and off, I was very puzzled about how to turn on the pump, but now its all clear. So my previous question about the siphoning circuit remaining under pressure its irrelevant now, I understand now.


Lorenzotti Italy

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Happy to hear! I'm looking forward to see pictures when the project is finished.

If you could send me at the end a list of the parts you used (maybe even from where you got it and price) I would appreciate it.

If you need any other parts I'm happy to try to find them for you.

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A conti twinstar group with built in boiler would be cool.


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I'm in the process of acquiring all the necessary components for a E61 diy project, so I've been haunting ebay and local junk yards and flea markets for parts. It's been loads of fun so far, reminds me of that old Johnny Cash song 'One piece at a time' :D
I actually wanted to restore an old machine, but my bids were too low or shipping cost was prohibitive, so I decided to scavenge for parts.
If you dont mind a used boiler, the fiscally conservative way to get it would be from a used vending or office type all-in-one machine - I've bought a used Carimali HX boiler,with heater, safety valve, level probes etc for about 50 Euro (of course, it's a bit too big for the frame that I plane using but that's another story).Anyway there's a bunch of WMF and Franke boilers floating around on the market.