Built My Own Espresso Machine

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#1: Post by Markus »

I have built my own espresso machine with an LED front a water tank and carbon fiber panels and it turned out pretty well.
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#2: Post by luvmy40 »

Very NICE!

Great video as well.


#3: Post by Deephaven »

Awesome. Great looking machine and a nice video.


#4: Post by CSME9 »

Very well done .....

vecchi della seattle
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#5: Post by vecchi della seattle »

Wow! Great video.

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#6: Post by buckersss »

That is incredible. Highly entertaining and impressive. The production value is fabulous. Definitely laughed at New Jerseyans wrapping things in carpets.

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#7: Post by yakster »

Very enjoyable video. Enjoy your machine!

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#8: Post by coffeedog »

Hahaha this is hilarious AND informative!
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#9: Post by Conch54 »

Incredible I really enjoyed the video and picked up quite a few tips , nice machine ,great problem solving ,a great building there is a. Award you should win it .

Markus (original poster)

#10: Post by Markus (original poster) »

Wow thanks very much everyone for the kind feedback very much appreciate it!!