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Your current brew pressure is a reasonable starting point; from there, adjust to taste. Generally speaking, rotary pumps are less affected by flow versus no-flow measurements. You could bump it up to 9 bar under the assumption that the no-flow measurement is ~0.5 bar higher, but now we're hairsplitting. The real measure that matters is how the espresso tastes.
Dan Kehn


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Dave sent me to this thread, and I wanted to note that this inline pressure and temperature gauge would have been PERFECT for the task!

...too bad it only reads up 80psi (~5.5bar)!

I'll have to use a higher pressure gauge, I suppose.
Dan Fainstein
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Any plumbing supply store will have them. The cheap ones are not rated for the high heat you get from the group. The one I got still lasted a couple years. It is not under constant temperature so I did not worry about it. You can always pressure test with a cold boiler as well. They are not necessarily the most accurate gauges in the world but the one I had was close enough when checked with a ScaceII.
Dave Stephens