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SJM wrote:I think what you are seeing is the bit of the guitar string that was used to keep the hole open in the very bottom of the tube created by the straw.

The 'bead' is the business end of the thermocouple; it is where the two wires are fused together.

The thermofilter was an excellent tool when I was busy testing how various applications of heat impacted the shots on my PID'd Gaggia Classic. It's something that is useful and fun while you establish the parameters of your procedures and then gets shoved to the back of the drawer once you have settled on a method. It was really fun to build.
Id say this is a handy tool to have always. I made one based on instructions Susan sent me and have used it on 2 machines now.

I used the original guitar string and it works at the same flow rate on my E61. I had to make 2 however, because my first one using a full set of JBweld made the "puck" too high to lock the portafilter in.
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