Brew pressure problem with my Rocket R58

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#1: Post by Spid3r »

I'm having issue with what I think pressure-problem. While brewing or cleaning with blind filter strange sound is occurring while building the pressure.
As clip shows is kind of struggling around 5 bars for 5-6 seconds and finally reaches 9 bar.
Any ideas?


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Sorry I have no input but am interested to hear if others do. Fellow R58 owner and have not had this issue.

Have you opened the casing up to hear where the noise is coming from?
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This is often a seating problem with the OPV (overpressure valve). The rotary pump will have one built in, and there's usually also a safety one to protect the brew boiler. An external one can be taken apart and cleaned; not sure what to do about the built in one. The built in one is the one you can adjust; so one fast attempt at a quick fix is to loosen it down to a few bar and retighten it.
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Thanks for the tip.
I have an external screw which I can adjust the pressure. Tried to lowering but unfortunately that did not help :(


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Carmd1281 wrote:Sorry I have no input but am interested to hear if others do. Fellow R58 owner and have not had this issue.

Have you opened the casing up to hear where the noise is coming from?
Before I tear down machine I would like to hear some more solutions.


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How old is your machine? If still pretty new, then shouldn't you let a professional look at it? Just a thought.


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My R58 is now 7 years old. That's definitely good idea. I just thought if is easy fixed, maybe I could it my self.
Service shop is pretty far away from me.


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FWIW I have taken the panels off my machine many times. It is straight forward only and handful of small bolts.

There are assembly diagrams here as well as many other online sites: ... iagram.pdf
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Thank you for the diagram. It's no problem to take side panels... but I would like to get some tips on what part is failing.


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I begin this with the assumption that you're running on reservoir water. The gauge shows zero at rest so I am making this assumption. If you're running it on plumbed-in water please correct me.

It sounds and behaves like it is starved for water... Look in the little white cup under your reservoir. Is there anything in it that could be blocking the water from flowing out the lowest hole on the side? Follow the flexible silicone line from white cup under your reservoir around the back of the machine. You'll see a clear plastic inline filter. Does the filter look clogged with coffee grounds or anything?

Beyond this point, the next obstruction is the solenoid valve that separates your reservoir feed from your plumb-in feed. If you feel like connecting your braided hose to the inlet at the bottom-back of the machine, dropping the free end of the braided hose into your reservoir, connecting your programming dongle to the machine and switching it over to plumb-in supply just to see if that makes a difference, you can confirm that the issue is at or before your Reservoir-Solenoid-Valve.