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JRising wrote:I begin this with the assumption that you're running on reservoir water. The gauge shows zero at rest so I am making this assumption. If you're running it on plumbed-in water please correct me.

It sounds and behaves like it is starved for water... Look in the little white cup under your reservoir. Is there anything in it that could be blocking the water from flowing out the lowest hole on the side? Follow the flexible silicone line from white cup under your reservoir around the back of the machine. You'll see a clear plastic inline filter. Does the filter look clogged with coffee grounds or anything?

Beyond this point, the next obstruction is the solenoid valve that separates your reservoir feed from your plumb-in feed. If you feel like connecting your braided hose to the inlet at the bottom-back of the machine, dropping the free end of the braided hose into your reservoir, connecting your programming dongle to the machine and switching it over to plumb-in supply just to see if that makes a difference, you can confirm that the issue is at or before your Reservoir-Solenoid-Valve.
Very good guest :D ... service shop replaced the white cup underneath the water reservoir.
And today when I pull a shop, machine behavior it never been better. I assume that I had those problems with that cup for very long time.
The thing that hit me is that gauge does show zero, but below 5 bars. This is first time is shows other than zero when rest.


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That's somewhat normal, after brewing. There will be pressurized water trapped beyond the check valve at the pump outlet. It can't escape over the closed solenoid valve to the steam-boiler nor through the brew-circuit with the lever down and the brew valve closed. The actual amount to trapped pressure will depend on how far back your brew switch (Button behind the control lever) is and how quickly you lower the control lever. At about 1/3 of the way back down, it should stop the pump, but still be holding the brew valve open so that some of the pressure is escaping out through your brew head. Then 1/2 way the valve will be fully closed and whatever's in there is trapped and will show on the brew gauge.
There is no answer to "What should it read at idle?", whatever it is is okay.


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Dutchcoffegeek wrote:How old is your machine? If still pretty new, then shouldn't you let a professional look at it? Just a thought.
The only way I'd ever let somebody else open up a machine would be if it was still under warranty and a costly/mandatory fix based on that. Otherwise most machines aren't much to figure out and DIY with a handful of tools and a few hours to kill. Also, the term 'professional' is highly misused these days.