Breville Oracle dropping brew temperature

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#1: Post by BlueMountain20 »

Hello. I have a 3-4 year old Oracle that no mater what I do...pull a shot, steam milk, back flush...the brew temp drops and I have to wait about a minute or so for the temp to come back up before doing anything else.

So background. It is also leaking water. Opened it up and found that two gasket/O rings on the steam boiler port wore to the point they are stuck inside their connection port. Any suggestions are helpful. Including an aluminum bat :)


#2: Post by mrjag »

The steam/moisture from the leaky o-rings can cause temperature control issues because the control board near the top is sensitive to excessive moisture. I would start by replacing the o-rings. You can find them on Amazon or local stores and it only takes a few minutes to swap out. Go ahead and replace all the o-rings, not just the leaky ones, because you are right around the age where they commonly fail. It's an easy job -- the only thing you need to watch out for is dropping/losing the metal clips that hold the tubes in.


#3: Post by BlueMountain20 »

Thank you. I was able to find some O rings early on Amazon. That sounds like a good idea. I'll just change the rings and keep my fingers crossed. Thanks again.