Breville Oracle BES980XL issues - help please

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Hi all. I just bought a new Breville Oracle BES980XL for my wife for her birthday. We started setting it up this morning. We're on one of the very first setup steps where we're supposed to 1. fill the water tank, 2. turn the machine on and 3. let it heat to 200 degrees. The instructions say it should take about 10 minutes.

It's been about 3 hours. We've never gotten over 165 degrees, and the loud buzz (water pump?) keeps cycling on and off as if it isn't getting water into the tanks or something. Any ideas?

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Assuming the water tank has enough water in it....
After you turned it on for the first time, did the machine at one point ask you to set the hardness level?
If yes, were you able to run the pump by pressing the 2-Cups Button for 30 seconds? Same for hot water? What about steam?
If no, I would turn the machine off, leave it off for one hour, turn it on again and see if it works properly.
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Great questions, thank you.

1. Water tank is definitely full.
2. The machine did initially ask for a hardness level, which I set. It then started the heating process as the instructions said it would.
3. I did not try the 2-cup button or the steam because the instructions say to wait until it's all heated to "flush" the system. The hot water DID work, however, and it was hot.

I'm currently leaving it unplugged for 1 hour and will report my findings once I try the process again. Thank you for the help!



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Seems like the pump isn't successfully pulling water from the reservoir. If it doesn't work after the 1-hour wait then you should probably try to exchange it at the store you purchased from.


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That's kinda what I was thinking since the pump seems to be running intermittently without actually dispensing any water. But would that explain the heating issue? Someone else told me these machines can experience some type of "vapor lock" after cleaning or descaling that keeps the temperature from getting up to 200 degrees, but I haven't cleaned or descaled anything. Just plugged it in and followed the instructions to the letter so far.

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I have the Dual Boiler not the Oracle but recall having a similar issue the first time I used it.

I would turn the machine off, turn the machine around, lower the handle that secures the tank and remove the tank. Don't dump the water out. You should see an orifice on the back side of the tank at the bottom. This must couple/seal with the machine when the tank is in place so the pump can extract water from the tank.

Then slide the tank back into position - gently push it into place. Be sure to put the handle securing the tank in its proper position. When you turn on the machine you should hear the sound of the pump filling the boiler. You may need to do this more than once.




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The machines are tested before leaving the factory so there may be residual water left in it before you unbox. If the lines are blocked like that then you'll have to open the descale plug, empty the boilers, and let everything dry out. You would be looking at a few days, maybe a week, for evaporation to do its thing. It's not something you should have to deal with on a brand new machine, which is why I recommended swapping at the store.


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UPDATE: After over an hour of the machine sitting unplugged, I dumped the water and added fresh just for the heck of it. I made sure that water exited the reservoir when I pushed the plunger in (it does). Then inserted and locked the water reservoir. I turned the machine on. I started loudly humming as I expected, and the temperature started steadily climbing until it hit about 150 degrees. Then it just stayed there. The humming never stopped. The power button is flashing. I hit the "2 cups" button and it beeped three times but did nothing else. I hit the "hot water" button and it started dispensing hot water as I expected it would. I could see the water level in the reservoir dropping, so it seems to be getting at least SOME water moving through the system. I pushed the steam lever UP and it did nothing. I pushed the steam lever DOWN and it beeped three times.

After an hour, the loud buzzing/humming was still there and the temperature was 162. I have turned it off again and have no idea what to do. Breville has no customer service until Monday. I bought it online from a reputable seller, so I can't just take it back and exchange it today, unfortunately.

Unless anyone else has ideas, I guess I'll wait to try to reach Breville on Monday.

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Just think out loud. Is the stem valve fully closed?
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What's the stem valve and where would I find it?