Breville Not Pulling Enough Espresso

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#1: Post by porkbaby »

Hey ya'll,
Beginner espresso maker - I've got the Breville Impress Touch.

Pretty simple question: My machine doesn't pull enough espresso.
- single shot pulls .7oz
- double shot pulls 1.3oz
- anything higher also pulls 1.3oz

Any ideas why that might be? I've had this issue across multiple different kinds of 1-4 week specialty beans, and I've tried multiple grind sizes.

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#2: Post by kofi »

The low yield volume tends to happen when the grind is too fine. Once the shot is way over the 30 second mark, the Breville will stop the shot after some time and leave you with a lower shot volume. If you grind coarser, the yield ratio will be closer to 1:2.

In the settings, you can also control how much coffee you can extract and save it as a custom shot.

I personally like ristrettos with a ratio closer to 1:1. With this ratio, the shots from the Breville Barista Touch Impress should be very thick with strong dark chocolate notes and lots of sweetness.

I have not been able to get a decent shot with this machine using a ratio of 1:2 or higher.