Breville Dual Boiler - Which year's model is better ?

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I have 2 Sage DBs acquired at reasonable prices with issues that I can fix myself.

One is I believe 7 years old, from 2016 (batch code 1612), with 11000 shot count, has steam boiler leakage and serious steam valve leakage causing rusting on the steam valve area such that the valve holding bracket and screws are heavily corroded. But I can do the necessary repairs. The circuit board seems fine but I can replace the triacs and optoisolators if it comes to that.

The other is 10 years old, from 2013 (batch code 1343), with 6000 shot count, owner says he always used Tesco Ashbeck water and thus leads me to believe he has been careful with the use of the machine / not abused. It has steam leaking to the drip tray which I believe I can fix.

Which would be better to keep ? I am inclined to keep the 2013 one even though it is older as it seems to be in better shape and well taken care of. Is there much difference between the BES920 from 2013 and 2016 and thus availability of parts for future repair ? One difference I can see is that the one from 2016 has screws going into the rim of the grouphead whereas 2013 doesn't (looking up from the drip tray).



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They shouldn't be that different, most of the major improvements happened on the more recent revisions.

The group head difference is worth noting. Periodically the group head collar will need real wing the 2013 is going to use a one piece that is really hard to find. The 2016 will use a two piece that is much easier to find. Outside of that parts/availability should both be fine.

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Hi *sigh*, thanks for the reply, appreciated.

Is this the grouphead insert collar that the 2013 model would fit ? ... 70627.html ... bes900-ee/

I might order and keep a spare or two if I decide to keep the 2013 model.


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Yeah that appears to be the one. I'm guessing they are the same, but since the first link says it's for the BES900 it would be worth asking for a part number before buying to confirm it will work with the 920