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Also, does anyone know if there is a guide with part list for a "jake valve". Seems to be mentioned a lot but I don't see any instructions.


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Keegzy wrote:Did I miss the link for the file for 3-d printed arm? Looks good.
No, I am trying to finish a quite complicated 8-piece product design. There are 8 pieces that fit together and I am changing things at the .35mm level to get everything to mate up.

Thought I would be out of the woods by now but still a little ways to go.

So, I looked at the arm after I posted and saw that I would like to make a few updates before saying it is final.

And in using it every day I can see that is being a bit deeper is a good way to go as it has slipped off a couple of times.

Hang tight, I will get to it next after the above 8-piece project.

Stay Safe!




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Hi everyone!

First, thanks for all this info!

I'm planning to install a "Jake Valve" on my Dual boiler. Besides changing the valve, I want to keep everything else stock, so I want to still use the "Knob" that came with it. I know I need to 3D print some parts, and I found these .stl files: ... Models/STL

I assume to keep everything stock, I would need to print all files that start with "Stock Assembly".

But I noticed that some files are "pieces" I already have. The ones I know I need to print:
  • Stock Assembly_Adapter Shaft_7.stl
  • Stock Assembly_Adapter Body_6.stl

The others I'm not sure?
  • Stock Assembly_Knob_2.stl (seems to be the same stock knob I already have)
  • Stock Assembly_V-Bracket_3.stl (seems like a piece I already have in the machine)
  • Stock Assembly_Insert_1.stl (seems like a piece I already have)
  • Stock Assembly_H-Bracket_4.stl (seems like the mount I already have inside)
Would really appreciate some help from someone who did it already.