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I think I saw a comment on one of Lance Hedrick's videos that someone created a workaround to make the dial significantly less sensitive. Is this sounding familiar to anyone?


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And you just leave the microswitch un screwed and free inside then?

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I also have the question of the water line ending in the hot water nozzle, after reading a YouTube comment. Is it true that the water down there is mostly stationary and could lead to bacterial growth?


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This could and probably does happen to some degree in the water spigot line when not used for some long period of time. In the case of the mod, depending on how you reworked the water hose, I guess it could still happen. However, the water you use to do the extraction comes from the brew boiler down through the group I'm not sure this water would get "contaminated" in any meaningful way. Better fluid flow mechanical engineers would be able to give you a clearer understanding.
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Slayed, with working hot water:
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pcrussell50 wrote:Slayed, with working hot water:


My goodness Peter...that looks like line pressure!!!
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It is. And it's too high. BUT, I just did it for academic reasons. Just to see that I could. It's on/off via solenoid.

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So Late to this but having recently got a 2nd hand Dual Boiler to replace my leaking Siliva I have done a few minor repairs to seals and whilst there decided to try the basic level of slayer mod to remove the switch allowing waste water into drip tray.
AS this removes the ability to use the water outlet I instead did a simple Hack on the water know to remove 15mm of the plastic that contacts the switch this gives enough travel to reduce pressure down to 1 Bar but still allows Water usage after that point.
When refitting It occurred to me that it may be possible to just realign the splines to allow enough travel without any mod to handle but I don't see the mod as impacting anything as the valve needs to be opened well past the cut-out to get any useful water flow for drinks.


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It is definitely possible to just reposition the knob on the stem and get more than enough valve operation before engaging the switch.