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Hoping someone can confirm my o-ring choice? I went on Grainger's website and selected this FDA approved o-ring.

I'm hoping this is an adequate #7 to replace the o-rings on my boiler, as I think they are leaking (hissing noise when I shut the machine down, condensation in the pressure gage and display).


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That should do it. The specs match the ones I ordered from the big A exactly.


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Many thanks!


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So, the BDB guide recommends backflushing the machine after each session. It says to utilize the 2 cup button, let run for 20 seconds, and repeat for a total of five times. That seems like overkill but I also want to be cognizant of following the manufacturer recommendations. Can someone provide some clarity on this?


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I flush and brush the group screen(hit the manual button and brush for a few seconds) after every shot. I back flush(Clean cycle) with Cafiza once a week.

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After every session I backflush for 3-5 seconds two times. I checked the shower screen on the inside after a month and it was shining clean. I use Cafiza when the machine tells me, once a month or less. I use paper filters or puck screens over the puck though, so the shower screen is always clean basically


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just flush and clean the head, ensuring no residue. i only need a flush or 2. probably more if theres some grounds stuck on and around it.
clean with cafiza when it says clean me.
doing that for bambino and now bdb. didnt have issues.
just be aware that u may still need to pop the screen since residue can build up behind it.


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Hi all, I've owned a Breville Dual Boiler for about a year but the machine has stopped working. Since the get go the machine would drip water slowly from the hot water outlet whenever I pulled a shot of espresso. Although this was annoying (specially since the hot water outlet basically lines up right over my scale LCD), I overlooked it since I could pull shots of espresso.

However, a few months ago I started to notice that I had to refill the water tank more and more frequently. Then, the hot water outlet would work for a few seconds and then would stop working even though there was still water in the tank. Finally, one day water started coming out as a high-pressure mist out of the water outlet and water just gushes out of the group head like when you run the kitchen faucet. A couple of vids of the issue ( water outlet coming out pressurized and grouphead rate of flow )
I reached out to Breville and they suggested that I do an advanced descaling to solve the issue. I am a bit confused since Ive seen posts that say to NEVER descale this machine. Should I go ahead and descale as Breville support suggested? Or should I press that they service the machine instead?

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Both of those links to those .gifs come up 404.


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Thanks for the heads up.