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I've been following this thread for a long time without posting (my dad's 2011 BDB is running strong thanks to this knowledge base). I know a few long-time users here have upgraded solenoids to commercial-grade 20 bar ones with the "ruby seal" and I was wondering if anyone here could tell me if this Wega-specified solenoid would work in the BDB using the BES920 Teflon seals. Its specs are as follows: E131FS1690 - outlet ø 1/8" conical - max 20 bar RUBY seal - orifice ø 1.5 mm with coil 483510S6 9W 220/240V 50/60Hz fluid temperature -40°C+140°C ... d=22763974


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NeilKuo wrote:Hi all
Thanks a lot for the discussion on this thread. Let me get a lot of help.

I have a question about backflush.

The design of the three-way valve(upper outlet). Will the sewage after backflush return to the boiler?

(the path of the arrow in the photo)
Unless you've done some modification to the brew path, the back flush exhausts to the drip tray.

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I've had my BDB sitting in the basement for about 6 months. It seems right to descale it since the water's been sitting around in the boilers.

Do you guys suggest I actually descale it or should I just run a ton of water through it?

If I do descale, is there something I should be aware of considering that it seems like descaling seems to break some machines? Finally, should I use the Breville packs for descaling or can I just grab any descale solution?

Just re read some posts in this thread. Maybe just dumping the water will be good from a safety perspective?

I'm not looking to do this because I'm worried about scale.

I'm happy to just run water through it as long as my health isn't on the line here... lol
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In my opinion it's best to first drain the boilers using the two drain screws on the lower right of the front panel. Once drained, tighten the screws back down (do not over tighten, they have o-rings that seat easily), and empty drain tray. Refill the water tank, turn on the machine and then run lots of water through it until you are satisfied it's drinkable. Yes, no descale on these machines...we know where that can lead.
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Add to what Bob said, it might be good to heat up the boilers to kill anything that might be growing in there and then drain them. If it were me, I would fire it up for an hour, then let it cool and drain it. Then maybe refill and drain another time without letting the machine come up to temp (just flush them with cool water). No basing this on science or experience, just my own sense. Good luck.


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Hi folks, I've been diagnosing a leak on my BES990 (oracle touch) and it's coming from the 3 probes on the steam boiler (Breville Oracle Touch - Need to debug and repair heating issues). I already replaced the larger o-rings, but the leak is specially coming out of the top of the probe so I purchased 5 x 2 x 1.5mm o-rings o-rings for that. My question now is how do I get those little o-rings into place without damaging them? I can't see how to disassemble the probe so the o-rings need to stretch a good bit to get in place. Is that how folks do it (maybe with some silicone lube)?

Others seem to have done it, including fauxk from page 94.
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They are a little tough to get on. Yes, you just stretch it over the shoulder. You can try using a wood or plastic tooth pick to pry over. Maybe even a metal pick , just be sure to not poke/puncture the o-ring with the sharp point.


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athoangphan wrote:Yes, these LEDs require 12v DC and can be connected to the the same port that the water tank's LED is connected to or you can tap into the water tank's LED wiring if you're okay with doing so, not worrying too much about voiding the warranty of you machine. Machine is on, LEDs are on and machine is off, LEDs are off. Be sure to unplug your machine first :)
Hi, Ive been following this thread for a while now but first time posting.

Thank you for your endless support in the group.Would you mind giving us a rundown on installing a barista lights on your bes920. Ive been trying to figure out where and how have you placed them, any drilling necessary, and how did you connected them to the machine? Do you have any photos of the installation or you could give us a bit more info on doing this. I'm about to order a pair of lights and it would be so helpfulll if you could let me know how to apply them on to the machine?

Thank you