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First time poster!
gained some valuable insights reading other threads over the last few years..

Does anyone have a source for new orange o-rings for the high pressure hoses from the steam boiler?


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tennisman03110 wrote:I'd venture to say this is the group head gasket. Certainly the most common and easiest fix.

It's a bit unusual at 9 months. Are you perhaps over-tightening the portafilter and leaving it like that all day?

You might also consider using the "auto on" feature for your machine at night. It doesn't take long to heat up.
luvmy40 wrote:Doubtful it's the group head gasket. It's leaking in standby mode and leaking clear water when pulling a shot. I have no idea what it might be, but it's probably not the group gasket.
I looked more closely one of the times I noticed it happening in the middle of pulling a shot (it also happens seemingly randomly when not pulling a shot), it leaks from both of these points:

It doesn't leak from directly around the portafilter, which I'm guessing is what would happen if it was a gasket issue. I also haven't noted this closely enough to be sure, but my theory is it is related to when the pump refills the boiler. I am not wanting to be without it indefinitely which is why I'm avoiding sending it in (it is still the first year), but I can if that is the best option

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Take the top off your machine. Unplug it and don't be scared. I am sure you will discover the source of your leak. There should be directions on how to remove the top of your machine in the first posts of this thread. If not YouTube is your friend


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Reposting... hopefully someone has some thoughts on this.

Hi all - I need to replace both of the short probes in my brew boiler. One ceramic insulator has split and the other probe has swollen or distorted enough that I can't remove it easily. I'd like to hear if anyone else has had issues with their brew boiler probes. The steam boiler probes look to be fine. I've been regularly replacing boiler o-rings and doing other maintenance. Thanks

*** Added note *** I've come across some brass brew boiler probes: ... ID=1238916

Just confirming these are the right ones. Thanks again.


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Just cross posting this here as it seems like the better subject.

I've done some recent diagnostics on my BES920 that I'm trying to bring back to life and would love to hear some thoughts from those more experienced than me.

Long story short. The machine was hissing and the brew boiler wasn't passing 60 degrees Celsius.
I have changed all the O rings, cleaned the solenoid valve and replaced the TRIAC board, but it still won't heat higher than 65 degrees.

When I open the descale valve the the steam boiler, water will drain into the drip tray, but when I do it to the brew boiler, nothing happens.
I opened the brew boiler descale valve and detached the heat exchange tube that links brew and steam boilers and the entire brew boiler drained into the drip tray.

When I turned the machine back on, it started heating but the brew boiler was not filling with water, so I switched it off immediately.

What am I missing? The steam boiler is reaching heat and produces steam, but the brew boiler stays lukewarm and is almost cold to touch.
Am I right in thinking my next step is to replace the brew boiler fuse? The NTC sensor?

There is also an Error 11 showing that's happened 8 times.

I thought that I could work this out, but am coming up stumped.


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Error 11 is steam "NTC Over Temp"

I think there was another thread recently about this same issue from another member. IIRC, he wound up replacing the brew boiler fuse to fix his issue.

ETA: It was an Oracle touch

Breville Oracle Touch not heating up beyond certain point - Not steam boiler but brew boiler


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Is there a way to stop the puck from sticking to the shower screen after pulling a shot on the BDB? Could it be the basket causing the issue? I use 18 g VST basket...


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How much coffee?

I have the occasional stuck puc. Not often, but it happens. I am using the stock baskets with the IMS precision screen and grind 16-18 g in the double.


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luvmy40 wrote: How much coffee?

I have the occasional stuck puc. Not often, but it happens. I am using the stock baskets with the IMS precision screen and grind 16-18 g in the double.
I use 18 g of coffee on 18 g VST basket. The sticking issue happens very often maybe 80% of the time.

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I find it is coffee dependent.