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I'd bet the pump is failing, easy to replace but imo I would do the brass pump and brass opv, machine runs quieter, and smoother especially in Slayer mode. Way easier to adjust the Vibiemme opv as well, I have mine at 8 bar max. Just don't forget you need the elbow compression fitting to connect on eBay from UK as it's Bsp spec.


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Just make sure that when you check your pressure during a back flush, that you place the silicone disk or a solid blind disk inside the basket. If your not up to at least 9 bars you either have leaks or your pump is failing...though vibe pumps normally last 5 years or more.
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Hello and good day.
can i ask,
this is the opv screw right?
wanted to lower it slightly since ssp has been brutal to me.
i already done half turn but the pressure with bilnd basket still reads 9.5bar. hoping for around 8.7-9.1 range.
the bdb is last yr unit.


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Actually 9.5 bars is good, the oem OPV is not too precise, IMO. Just turn the adjuster a quarter turn to start with (I forget which direction lowers the pressure), reattach the hose, and then check the pressure. If necessary repeat. Make sure you check the pressure a few times as you might get some air in the line that will give you a false reading.
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got it down to about 8.7bar. clockwise tighten, counter lowers.

a bit lower than i hoped, but gonna try stick to this settings for awhile. pulled once, flow ramps to 8 and brews beautiful.

reason is with my ssp shots dont flow well.. even with manual preinfusion until initial drip shots will continue to rise in pressure while brewing till it chokes itself at 9.5, then drops to 9 with some fllow and repeats choking. water deposits looks ok, and i can do very even flowing coarse coffee shots. any coarser and it'll pull at 8bar or down to 5 if i didnt ensure its perfect level before tapping on table prior tamp, but it still have that tendency to go up and down.

i doubt burr alignment (done that) since grind size at any setting looks much more even than my1z kpro handgrinder, and brews are repeatably delicious but espresso results isnt very repeatable.

while shots is never bad and range from good to great, i prefer control and consistency, and im not sure i can do better prep till another year+ of experience.


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Hi all. I recently did the slayer mod and also decided to install a quickmill pulsar to quiet down the brew pump. To have enough clearance to install the pulsar, I disconnected the fitting into the steam pump. However, later on I discovered that connection (see highlight in attached photo) is leaking. I checked my work and realised I didn't have an o-ring on there and must have lost it during the install.

Does anyone know what o-ring size is required for this connection? The exploded diagram/parts list does not list it individually but rather it is part of the whole fitting called the 'steam safety valve kit' part number 6.7 which I'd rather not buy as it is about $75AUD. Thanks in advance


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That should be the 007, same as the rest of the line connections. IIRC, that one is a real bear to get back in place. Use some FG silicone lube on it and make sure you have tongue sticking out just right!


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Like above that looks like what the 007 o-ring would go in. Which is basically the whole machine minus the handful of blue I think 010 size like for the sensors. I did the brass swap, Vibiemme opv and brass ulka, I think I used a tiny bit of silicone as the tubes were a bitch getting back on, I think I used the stuff for what I always used for group gaskets on machines lol.

A hemostat will make easier work with those clips.


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I received a replacement BDB about six months ago under warranty. I started hearing a sound inside the machine that sounds like air is leaking. Does this mean I need to open it up and replace o-rings?