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cmin wrote:Looks like solenoid is failing again which was already replaced few months ago, wtf, buzzing is annoying as hell. Ughh I must have the worst pos Breville on here lol. Do people just throw these things out and buy another lol? Still don't know how shots on a 10yr old CC1 are flat out better in everyway vs a Slayer'd BDB, even when Slayer mode worked, I can adjust water debit but the pressure gauge shows no difference anymore in months, just ramps normal and goes to 9 bar and than sometimes levies off a bit like any normal machine from puck erosion. Opv, pump etc already replaced so that was pointless since can't tell on this machine what is or has failed. Pressure is spot on with blank basket in.
I will get a slight buzz sometimes during shots even with a new solenoid. Is the buzz very loud or is it a faint hum?

As for your other concerns, a direct e-mail to Peter would be a good idea. I never found the need to slayer my machine.


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On another note, has anybody taken Breville up on their repair lately in the last few months? What the process has been like? I'm thinking about sending it in for repair (hopefully a new version and completely new unit). Seems that directly from Breville there are no new or refurbed units in stock.

I have an older 920 from the earlier days. It's got the older grouphead without the screws. I replaced the solenoid and things were great for a bit until the grouphead collar/grouphead started to leak. I fixed it once, but this time it looks like it'll need a more extensive repair. My steam wand is also starting to drip continually. It was fun for a bit to do some of the repairs, but it is not the easiest machine to move around inside.

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Not sure if anyone else has had this issue. I haven't read through any of the more recent posts in this thread.

After flipping the seals in my steam wand and replacing the #008 o-ring, I was getting a good leak out the bottom of the valve, through the threaded section that has the PTFE (?) ring at the base of the thread.

Tightening the threads didn't help. I resorted to some Teflon thread seal tape which seems to have worked.


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I am ordering a Stainless Steel Precision Kit Compatible with Double Boiler Breville/Sage. from Amazon , following the link provided a few pages earlier.
I have one question: does one place the silicon gasket first, and then sit the dispersion plate on top of the inner ring of the silicon gasket, or does the silicon gasket need to wrap around the dispersion plate?
My BES920XL is a replacement I got in 2020, which I was told was a new machine (I had two of them that failed in the past, although they were replaced without any questions, since they were under warranty.)
I am asking, because the part on the Amazon website shows a picture with the plate sitting on top of the gasket.
But, a couple of weeks ago, when I tried replacing the gasket as regular maintenance , my impression was that the silicon gasket needed to wrap the existing round plate, although I couldn't fit it that way (I ended up placing the gasket first, and the plastic plate sitting on top of the inner ring of the gasket, but I was left with the impression that I got it wrong.) I want to do it right next time when I get the new part .
PS> Part of my confusion is from how I see this being done with other machines on Youtube videos, with the gasket wrapping up the plastic plate, but they were not the exact same model.

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from the machine the order goes like this: Silicone gasket, dispersion disk, dispersion screen, screw.


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Got it. Thanks so much for the quick reply!


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Is anyone aware of what the torque specifications are for the boiler valve screws used for draining the boilers on the BES920XL? The manual gives warning not to over-tighten them, but I can't find a specific value of the factory torque on the screws or recommend value.


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I don't think it's a big deal, I just tighten with my finger tips on the screwdriver handle that way I'm not providing much torque. In 5+ years, it hasn't leaked yet. I drain the boilers about once a month just to start with "fresh" water at the beginning of every me crazy?!
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BaristaBob wrote:I don't think it's a big deal, I just tight with my finger tips on the screwdriver handle that way I'm not providing much torque.
Thanks Bob!


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Hi all,
Bought a 2nd hand BES920 a few months ago and ran into a number of issues after the first month of it working fine.

It came with a leaky steam wand which I quickly fixed by flipping the o-rings, then one day it suddenly stopped pumping water out of the group head and hot water tap (steam wand worked normally), determind it was the solenoid so replaced that. After replacing the solenoid I got water out of both again, but when trying to pull a shot the next morning it had gone back to no water coming out of the grouphead or tap. After leaving the machine for a few hours I came back and found it was now correctly dispensing water, but now had a large rattling sound after preinfusion, but it only happened for the 2nd shot onwards (if I had left the machine off for abit).

I posted about this in the 5 years BDB thread and someone replied letting me know my pump was likely dying but that the OPV may be the one creating the rattling noise which I took videos of (1st shot video, 2nd shot video with the loud rattling

So I bought a brass pump and replaced it with my old one. After that the machine pumped water correctly and made some decent coffee but the rattling sound was still the same, except this time the sound happened the 1st time I tried pulling any water through the machine (still only after pre-infusion).

I concluded that it was probably the OPV that was dying and decided to fully upgrade to the brass OPV since I had a brass pump anyway, I bought this OPV ... ve-e00614/, which was recommended in this thread and bought the normal compression fitting, when I installed it I used some PTFE tape but I didnt cut down the thread on the OPV like they did it the Nic thread (I thought it'd be fine as they used a regular pump and not a brass pump which looks longer). I tightned everything, checked for leaks and found none, but the noise is still the exact same.

Video of the noise when there is nothing in the grouphead, video of the noise with the grey cleaning disk

I had been posting in the 5 years on BDB thread but thought my issues are probably more suited to this one and this seems more active anyway.